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Kobelco: Brand overview

Kobelco, headquartered in Hyogo, Japan, is a well-known manufacturer of heavy equipment, including excavators and cranes. The company was formed in 1895 and was originally engaged in metal fabrication.

Over the years, Kobelco has become known for its innovative contributions to hydraulic excavator technology and its commitment to providing exceptional cab comfort. A dominant force in the industry, the company is known as the manufacturer of an extensive line of crawler excavators, covering a range of lifting capacities from 1 ton to 70 tons.

The company also manufactures various types of cranes such as crawler, lattice boom, all-terrain, and rough terrain cranes. In addition, the range of products includes mini and compact excavators and wheel loaders.

Kobelco production facilities are located around the world: in Japan, the USA, India, China, and Thailand. An extensive sales and distribution network covers more than 130 countries.

Although Kobelco was acquired by Kobe Steel Group during World War II, it continues to operate as an independent subsidiary. With approximately 8,500 employees, the company’s annual sales exceed $4 billion.

Kobelco faces stiff competition in the heavy construction equipment sector, competing with industry giants such as Caterpillar, Hitachi, Komatsu, and Liebherr. Despite this, the company continues to hold its ground through its commitment to innovation and quality.

Meaning and History

Kobelco Logo History

What is Kobelco?

Since its founding in 1979, Kobelco Construction Machinery America, LLC has been a pioneer in the construction equipment industry. Headquartered in Houston, the company has delivered top-notch, innovative excavators to the U.S. market. Even after ending its distribution partnership with CNH Global in 2012, Kobelco continues to thrive and expand its services.

1980 – today

Kobelco Logo

The “KOBELCO” logo belongs to Kobe Steel in Japan. The word depicted is its corporate name, which unites all of the company’s divisions. The blue color of the text was chosen for a reason: in Japan, blue symbolizes reliability and success. A unique feature of the word mark is the different widths of the letters: while both letters “O” are large and round, all the other glyphs are very narrow, especially “L” and “C.” This gives the impression that the designers were trying to save space.

The large letters “O” seem to attract the eye. The narrow “L” and “C” give the impression that the company works efficiently without wasting extra space. The blue color also gives the impression that the company can be trusted. Without any unnecessary frills, the logo shows that Kobe Steel is a reliable, successful, and efficient company.

Kobelco color codes

Medium Persian BlueHex color:#0168b7
RGB:1 104 183
CMYK:99 43 0 28
Pantone:PMS 285 C