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Koinyoga: Brand overview

Founded in 2022, Koinyoga became a digital gambling and betting hub under the leadership of Indonesian player YogaToto. Soon after its launch, the platform was recognized for its reliability and ease of use, which attracted sports betting and online casino enthusiasts to it.

Koinyoga’s appeal was due to its simplified registration procedure combined with the reliability of money transactions. Not the least important role in attracting a significant number of users was their desire to ensure the safety of deposits and timely withdrawals.

In the following year, 2023, the platform diversified its offerings. The sports betting section began to include a wider range of soccer competitions, auto racing, and even virtual sports such as cybersports. At the same time, the gaming segment saw the introduction of state-of-the-art slots and exciting live casinos.

The platform’s growth trajectory reflects its commitment to user convenience and security. Payment options have expanded, enhanced security protocols have been implemented, and tools have been developed to promote responsible gambling.

Koinyoga is now recognized as a leader among online gambling portals in Indonesia and surrounding regions. Its stable operation, providing secure transactions and a wide range of bets, resonates with users.

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Rose BonbonHex color:#ff3faa
RGB:255 63 170
CMYK:0 75 33 0
Pantone:PMS 806 C
Dark CharcoalHex color:#313131
RGB:49 49 49
CMYK:0 0 0 81
Pantone:PMS Black C
Light Aloe GreenHex color:#6fa13a
RGB:111 161 58
CMYK:31 0 64 37
Pantone:PMS 362 C