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The Kolab Now logo indicates the business focus of the brand. This is an email client with advanced functionality, where a few more useful services have been added. Therefore, the visual identity is distinguished by originality and a fresh look at the standard service to increase its popularity.

Kolab Now: Brand overview

Founded:January 2013
Founder:Apheleia IT AG
Kolab Now is a paid email client that is a mix of webmail (Roundcube) and several useful add-ons for group work (cloud storage with the ability to distribute files, notes, calendars, synchronization, etc.). The owner of the software is the Swiss company Apheleia IT AG.

Meaning and History

Kolab Now Symbol

Kolab Systems AG (future Apheleia IT AG) appeared in 2010, the successor of the earlier (2004) Kolab Konsortium, who worked for German Internet security services. The main activity is the creation of software for group work. The first version of the mail client (MyKolab) was released in 2013.

The company logo is minimalistic and consists of the name of the email client: Kolab Now. Visually, the inscription is divided into two words, each of which is painted in its color.

What is Kolab Now?

Paid email service with business group tools. Functioning since 2013. Developed in Switzerland and owned by Apheleia IT AG, formerly Kolab Systems AG.

Kolab is a brand of a set of programs that guarantee safety in use. Its logo is stylized with an O in the shape of a nucleus and electrons flying around. The mail client made a consonant emphasis on the same letter to show that the mail service belongs to the Colab set.

The second letter of the word does not have a solid line. It is made in the form of an open circle with a gap at the bottom, which symbolizes open source code – a feature of all products in the set. It allows anyone to check the software for tracers.

This stylization divides the word Kolab into three parts:

  • K is short for the Swedish word for code (koden).
  • O – open (öppen).
  • Lab – laboratory (laboratorium).

Therefore, the first word of the logo is an encrypted message conveying the essence of the product: “open source laboratory.” The mail client was developed in a laboratory where open-source software is created. This emphasis was especially important after 2013 when there was information about the total surveillance of people by the US government through popular computer programs used worldwide. Colab keeps its servers in Switzerland, where US law does not apply. Therefore can provide a secure email. In Switzerland, strict privacy laws and permission to release personal data are rare. In Kolab Now, such a request was granted only once in the entire history of the existence of mail.

The second part of the Now logo translates as “currently.” It points to the current version of the software since the program is an updated version of the Kolab program, which was first developed in 2002.

Font and Colors

Kolab Now Emblem

The colors used for the logo are yellow, gold, and dark grey.

The golden hue in the word Colab communicates the use of the “gold standard” for software based on maximum security, openness, and usefulness. Also, the color is an indication of a paid service. Yellow is the color of the sun, warmth, and joy. Any contact with the email client creates a good mood thanks to the flawless work and thoughtful interface.

Gray is a shade of the word Now, indicating solidity. Under the modern email client is a large-scale base from past versions. Thanks to this, the program is as convenient as possible.

Kolab Now color codes

School Bus YellowHex color:#f3a628
RGB:243 166 40
CMYK:0 32 84 5
Pantone:PMS 137 C
Davy’s GrayHex color:#575756
RGB:87 87 86
CMYK:0 0 1 66
Pantone:PMS 425 C