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The Kraken logo takes the user back to ancient times when amazing monsters were more powerful than humans. The emblem is a symbol of the venerable age, the provision of huge opportunities by the exchange, and the reliable protection of customers.

Kraken: Brand overview

Founded:July 28, 2011
Founder:Payward, Inc.
San Francisco, California, United States

Kraken is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges and the largest BTC / EUR exchange. This platform allows you to trade fiat and digital money, including leveraged funds. According to independent company Group-IB, the executives took good care of the cybersecurity of their project. In this, it is ahead of the vulnerable online-service Mt.Gox, which indirectly influenced its creation.

The American Jesse Powell founded the company in 2011. This happened against the Mt.Gox hack background because Kraken was supposed to be a safe alternative to the troubled Japanese cryptocurrency exchange. In the end, it happened: after the bankruptcy of Mt.Gox, he began to investigate the leak of BTC and undertook to return the lost funds to all affected owners of virtual money.

Although Kraken bills itself as a bitcoin exchange, it supports many other cryptocurrencies, including Zcash, Monero, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and other popular assets. That is why, and because of its high reliability, more than 4 million traders from different countries trust him.

Meaning and History

Kraken Logo History

Users know Kraken as a global exchange with many tools for professionals and beginners and as a concept project with an unusual logo. Its main graphic symbol illustrates the name, which was taken from Icelandic myths. As you know, the Kraken is a fictional creature, a sea monster that destroys ships in the open ocean. The designers depicted it as an abstract silhouette and added a wordmark.

It is not clear why the virtual money exchange service chose this name for itself. Perhaps he wanted to finally “sink” Mt.Gox to take its place in the cryptocurrency market. Or maybe it was an attempt to show its unsinkability because a mythical monster could drag even the largest ship with an experienced crew behind it.

What is Kraken?

It is an influential crypto exchange that was created in 2011 and launched in 2013. It replaced Mt. Gox and helped traders get their money back after that bitcoin exchanger went bankrupt. Its head office is located in San Francisco, California. Its main purpose is trading between fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Despite the intimidating meaning of the word “Kraken,” the artists did not render the company’s name in horror style. They used abstract geometric shapes, and what they ended up with bears little resemblance to the legendary monster. If not for the signature below, no one would have even guessed that this is a Kraken. A semicircle with projections is more like a hair comb, which for some reason does not have serrations or the tip of a child’s fork with four round teeth.

In any case, there are no associations with a real Kraken because the designers did not have a goal to scare someone. The lack of corners suggests that the exchange wanted to inspire confidence in traders. This psychological technique works on a subconscious level.

Kraken: Interesting Facts

Kraken, launched in 2013 after being founded in 2011, has become a key player in the cryptocurrency market, known for its security, wide cryptocurrency selection, and detailed trading options.

  1. Security Focus: Following the Mt. Gox hack, Kraken prioritized security to protect users, influenced by founder Jesse Powell’s firsthand experience with Mt. Gox’s challenges.
  2. Varied Features: Kraken caters to new and seasoned traders with features like spot and futures trading, margin trading, staking, and a dark pool for private transactions.
  3. Supports Many Currencies: It stands out by accepting various fiat currencies, including USD, EUR, CAD, and more, making it accessible to a global audience.
  4. Bloomberg Integration: Kraken was the first crypto exchange to show its data on Bloomberg Terminals, marking its importance in the financial world.
  5. Index Pioneer: It created cryptocurrency indices, like the Bitcoin Volatility Index, and helped develop standards used in Bitcoin futures trading.
  6. Proactive Regulation: Kraken engages with regulators worldwide, aiming for a clear regulatory framework for crypto, and was among the first to get a BitLicense in New York.
  7. Banking Charter: In 2020, Kraken became the first crypto exchange to receive a U.S. banking charter from Wyoming, allowing it to offer banking services to crypto traders.
  8. Educational Efforts: Kraken emphasizes educating the public on cryptocurrency through its Kraken Academy, offering guides, articles, and videos.
  9. Growth Through Acquisitions: It has expanded its services by acquiring companies like Crypto Facilities, a London-based exchange, enhancing its derivatives offerings.
  10. High Trading Volume: Kraken is known for its significant trading volume, making it a preferred platform for trading various cryptocurrencies.

Kraken’s rise to a leading global cryptocurrency exchange underscores its ability to adapt to the changing demands and regulations of the crypto industry. Its focus on security, compliance, and education has helped push cryptocurrencies closer to mainstream financial acceptance.

Font and Colors

Kraken Emblem

Below the graphic is the name of the cryptocurrency exchange. The letterforms are reminiscent of a range of free and paid fonts, including Protestant DGL Regular by Digital Graphic Labs and Yoxall Regular by Roger White. Other similar typefaces are Foundation Sans Roman from FontSite Inc. and FreeSans Medium from the GNU FreeFont Project developers. They share similar glyphs, although there are slight differences. It is noteworthy that both “K” is uppercase on the Kraken logo, and all other characters are lowercase, although they have the same size.

The abstract drawing and lettering are combined in color. The designers made them purple with # 5841D8. It is dark enough to stand out clearly against a white background.

Kraken Symbol


What is the Kraken trade symbol?

Kraken’s trade symbol is KRKNF. This symbol trades the brand’s stock in over-the-counter (OTC) markets. Investors can find stock prices, news, quotes, and historical data for KRKNF on financial platforms like Yahoo Finance.

Kraken is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange that lets users trade various cryptocurrencies. Due to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the brand has gained attention in the financial market. Trading under the symbol KRKNF allows investors to invest in a leading cryptocurrency exchange.

By following KRKNF on platforms like Yahoo Finance, investors can stay updated on the latest news, stock price movements, and historical performance.

What is a Kraken symbol for Bitcoin?

Kraken uses the symbol “BTC” for Bitcoin in most cases. This change took effect on April 26th, 2021. The “BTC” symbol is widely recognized and used in the cryptocurrency community.

Kraken still uses “XBT” for certain functions. “XBT” is used for the API, Futures API, log downloads, the OTC desk, and History Exports. This keeps consistency across different platforms while using “BTC” for most purposes.

Is Kraken a bank?

The company is not a traditional bank but obtained a state-chartered banking license in Wyoming in 2020. This license allows the brand to offer certain banking services. Kraken Institutional operates under this license, providing institutional custody services.

The Wyoming banking license helps the brand bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and traditional finance. It enables the company to offer enhanced services, like custody solutions for secure storage of digital assets, which are important for institutional investors.

Kraken primarily functions as a cryptocurrency exchange, but the banking license adds regulatory compliance and trust. This allows the brand to offer more comprehensive financial services, attracting a broader range of clients, including large institutional investors.

What does the Kraken logo mean?

The logo features the legendary sea monster, Kraken, but in an abstract form that resembles a hairbrush. This design choice intentionally avoided a scary image, making the logo more approachable and trustworthy.

The abstract design conveys a sense of mystery and power without being intimidating. This aligns with the brand’s goal to attract and reassure users, emphasizing security and innovation in the cryptocurrency space. The logo subtly suggests the strength and depth of the brand while maintaining a friendly and professional look.

This balance builds a positive image for the brand, appealing to users who seek a reliable and secure platform for their cryptocurrency needs.

Does Kraken have a stock symbol?

Kraken has no stock symbol because it is an exchange platform, not a token or cryptocurrency. As a cryptocurrency exchange, he facilitates the buying, selling, and trading various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The brand is not publicly traded, so it does not need a stock symbol. It supports trading cryptocurrencies with their symbols, such as BTC for Bitcoin and ETH for Ethereum.

The brand focuses on providing a secure and efficient platform for cryptocurrency trading. It offers various services and tools for both individual and institutional investors. It is a popular choice in the cryptocurrency market but remains privately held and does not issue its own publicly traded stock.

What is the font of the Kraken logo?

The logo uses a custom set of glyphs with lowercase, sans serif letters for a modern and clean look. While the exact font is custom-made, similar fonts include FreeSans Medium from the GNU FreeFont Project, Foundation Sans Roman from FontSite Inc., Yoxall Regular from Roger White, and Protestant DGL Regular from Digital Graphic Labs. These fonts share clean lines and a sans-serif style.

This custom font choice conveys simplicity and modernity. The lowercase letters contribute to an approachable and straightforward image.