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The Kumon logo symbolizes the learning process based on a child’s independent efforts. The emblem promotes ideas of consistency, gradual progress, positive emotions for developing abilities, and love for learning in children.

Kumon: Brand overview

Founded:11 July 1958
Founder:Toru Kumon

Kumon offers workbooks for daily 30-minute developmental sessions suitable for children from 2 years old until the end of school. The program is available in 50 countries. The Kumon logo unites math and English language tasks of various difficulty levels.

The year of the foundation is considered to be 1955. It was then that a Japanese math teacher, who created the teaching materials, opened the first learning center in Osaka. However, the workbooks themselves were developed much earlier for the founder’s son. In 1958, a university was established. The center in Tokyo opened seven years later (1962). Subsequently, branches were opened in the United States and Europe.

Meaning and History

Kumon Logo History

The method only received its current visual identity, reflecting the values and beliefs of the organization, in 2002. This was the company’s second logo.

What is Kumon?

Developmental workbooks for mathematics and the English language are used by around 4 million children worldwide.

1958 – 1980

After the university was established, the program did not have its own logo. The method simply attracted supporters. The founder and his colleagues were busy testing the methodology, developing, improving the program, and spreading it.

1980 – 2004

Kumon Logo 1980

The founder’s son, for whom the first sheets were once developed, took up the real development of the organization and its programs worldwide. In 1978, he became the head of the Kumon Institute of Education, and thanks to his efforts, the first center in Europe opened in 1979. Under Takeshi Kumon’s leadership, the first logo was also created.

The emblem consists of a blue square with rounded corners and a double inscription with the name of the methodology. The name is taken from the founder who developed this learning system – Toru Kumon.

The dark blue background represents intellect, mentality, deep mental processes, and gradual immersion into the mysteries of science. Inside the square, the letter K is inscribed, grouped from separate glowing dots. They symbolize:

  • Neurons awakened by mathematical exercises, and connections between them, accelerating thought processes.
  • Numerous students learning through the program. Their heads, like ignited dots, illuminated by thought.
  • A chain of tasks, moving through which helps to comprehend science from simple to complex.
  • A barcode confirming the workbook’s originality.

Below the square, the full name of the methodology is placed. Even lower, there is a full repetition of the logo, but in black color and with the arrangement of K from dots to the right of the name.

In the smallest font, it is indicated that Kumon is a center for teaching math and language. Overall, the logo resembles a sticker on a workbook with a QR code.

2002 – today

Kumon Logo

The latest logo is carefully thought out in terms of the meaning and essence of the methodology. It appeared when the number of students worldwide exceeded 3 million.

The emblem consists of the inscription “Kumon” in capital letters, with the letter “O” replaced by a child’s drawing of a face. The emoji looks thoughtful, as it symbolizes a pondering child. The image reflects the main goal of the developmental workbooks – to stimulate thought processes. The tasks develop logic and unleash the creative potential of children.

The second meaning of the image is the motivation for educators to continuously grow and improve. Each teacher is in a state of reflection on how to help their students develop and how to better conduct the lesson.

Font and Colors

Kumon Emblem

The main colors of the emblem are blue and black.

  • Blue. The organization’s leaders indicate that this shade represents the sky, spread over all participants of the educational process worldwide. Another meaning is knowledge, learning, and intellect, emphasizing the importance and uniqueness of programs that contribute to the intellectual development of the younger generation.
  • Black. This color symbolizes the pencil lead and writing in the workbooks. It demonstrates the idea of independence and self-reliance that the program seeks to develop in children.

Kumon Symbol

The font is reminiscent of 210 Namoogothic Extra Bold.

Kumon color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C