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The LAN Airlines logo seems to be designed to inspire travel and adventure. It is based on the word LAN, which reflects the essence of the company that provides air transportation services. The letters are written in bold, dark blue, symbolizing the sky and freedom, the spirit of adventure, and the pursuit of new horizons.

Next to the brand’s name is a light gray star. The star as a symbol reminds us of the endless possibilities and the infinite space where the company’s destinations are. The star symbolizes quality and reliability, which is definitely one of the brand values.

Beneath the star is a wavy stripe that tapers smoothly at the edges in red. This stripe seems to represent the dynamics of an airplane flying forward, aimed at reaching new heights and goals. The red color stands for energy, passion, determination, and power, indicating that the company is ready for endless development and success.

The LAN emblem vividly illustrates values: freedom, reliability, quality, dynamism, and passion for development. It reminds us that the company is ready to take on any challenge and open new opportunities for its customers, wherever they are.

LAN Airlines: Brand overview

Founded: March 5, 1929
Founder: Arturo Merino Benítez
Las Condes, Santiago, Chile

Meaning and History

LAN Airlines Logo History

1929 – 1935

Linea Aerea Nacional Chile Logo 1929

1935 – 1946

LAN Chile Logo 1935

1946 – 1969

LAN Chile Logo 1946

1969 – 1980

LAN Chile Logo 1969

1980 – 1982

LAN Chile Logo 1980

1982 – 1998

LAN Chile Logo 1982

1998 – 2004

LAN Chile Logo 1998

2004 – 2016

LAN Logo 2004

2016 – today

LATAM Airlines Logo

LAN Airlines color codes

Ultramarine Hex color: #290088
RGB: 41 0 136
CMYK: 70 100 0 47
Pantone: PMS 2735 C
Amaranth Hex color: #ed1550
RGB: 237 21 80
CMYK: 0 91 66 7
Pantone: PMS 1925 C