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This is a sign of the Facebook cryptocurrency, which the network never realized, having sold the project to another company. But the emblem remained: the designers made the Libra logo with multiple meanings. The main ones are the monetary unit in the circulation process, airflow, the movement of water, and the constellation Aquarius. An unusual color palette denotes a deep mystery.

Libra (Facebook): Brand overview

Libra is a payment unit like bitcoin (Facebook Coin), introduced in 2019, but never put into circulation, for payments and transfers via Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Its rate was planned to be determined by the four main currencies (USD, EUR, JPY, GBP). Stability was to be ensured by cash reserves on Facebook accounts through a new company, Libra Networks, opened in Switzerland.

Meaning and History

Libra (Facebook) Symbol

As planned by Zuckenberg, the new system was supposed to replace the inconvenient Facebook payment system of 2015. By linking to messengers and merging them into one, users hoped to make it easier to make instant payments by removing the banking system from the equation. The sale of Libra was supposed to be for any currency. An Association of 100 companies was planned for management, with 1% of influence for each (the cost of participation is $10 million). The system was launched on a test basis in 2019, but in 2022 they abandoned its development.

The first logo was designed by the San Francisco division of Character branding and design agency. It consisted of three wavy lines and Libra’s inscription, made in purple.

What is Libra?

Unrealized cryptocurrency project from Facebook. It was announced in 2019 that assets and technologies were sold to Silvergate Capital in 2022.

The visual sign has several associations:

  • Money – three wavy symbols resemble banknotes in profile, inserted into an ATM, or folded into a money bundle. The sign showed that the company was dealing with finances. The triple image is an indication of abundance, an influx of funds. The drawing predicts the success and development of the new currency.
  • Aquarius – wavy lines resemble the designation of the zodiac sign. The logo symbolizes the Age of Aquarius, which has begun in the 21st century. The era brings renewal and new energy. In the case of Libra, modern technology and an innovative approach to money. The currency will become a new era in the world of finance. Facebook Coin leaves behind the familiar banking system.
  • Water flow. Three wavy lines gave the impression of flowing water. This is a prototype of the cash flow that will flow through the payment system. After all, users of three large social networks (4 billion people) were supposed to become participants in transactions. Flowing water gives a feeling of calmness. The visual sign showed the stability and confidence that the new coin would bring to users. It will experience fewer fluctuations than other cryptocurrencies due to the financial backing of Facebook. Therefore, the course was planned to be stable and calm.
  • Air movement – three waves of air flow seem to push the currency’s name forward. They symbolize promotion and gaining popularity. Fast start.

Three waves above each other create a square shape, which hints at a cryptocurrency block.

The name Libra is translated as “Libra.” The device is a symbol of accuracy, balance, and correct measure. The name in the logo says that the calculations using the new currency will be honest and accurate.

Libra never went into circulation, faced with great opposition from financial regulators. The future bitcoin logo has also received a lot of negative feedback. They concerned:

  • combinations in the name of the elements of two signs of the zodiac (the image of the Aquarius icon and the name of the currency is Libra);
  • lack of clarity: it was not clear to many of the logos what kind of product it represented;
  • similarity of a wave with an approximate sign;
  • consonance with the emblem of the company Fintech Current, which appeared in 2016, three years earlier than Libra.

Initially, the currency was renamed, Diem. Then the announced launch in 2020 was postponed, and in 2022 the project ceased development. All technologies are sold by Silvergate.

Font and Colors

Libra (Facebook) Emblem

The color for the emblem is purple. It symbolizes superpowers, mystery, and depth. The creators expected that the new currency would be an ideal way to pay for goods and services, which would surpass other cryptocurrencies in terms of stability, and the banking system in terms of speed. Since the logo appeared before the system went live, everything about Libra and its future was shrouded in mystery.

Libra (Facebook) color codes

Cosmic CobaltHex color:#462d90
RGB:70 45 144
CMYK:51 69 0 44
Pantone:PMS 267 C