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The Lowrider logo represents an avid car fanatic and not all models, but only lowriders with low ground clearance. This is a symbol of coolness, chic and harsh brutality – all in one bottle. With the help of such an emblem, the magazine showed that it is on the same wavelength as its readers.

Lowrider: Brand overview

Founded:January 1977 – March 2020
Founder:Larry Gonzalez, David Nunez, and Sonny Madrid
Anaheim, California, United States

Lowrider is the name of an American magazine dedicated to the car of the same name, as well as the cult and lifestyle associated with it. Therefore, in addition to cars, he covered fashion, culture, and political issues and funded a scholarship program once a year. This publication was first published in 1977. Three students from San Jose founded it: Larry Gonzalez, David Nunez, and Sonny Madrid. The editorial office was located in the state of California, in Anaheim. At the end of 2019, the magazine was closed and no longer published, although, in the early 2000s, its circulation reached more than 200 thousand copies.

Representatives of the Chicano movement founded lowrider magazine. With his help, they wanted to tell about their course to as many people as possible in the Bay Area. The first issue’s debut took place in the late 70s of the 20th century. Moreover, for some time, young people distributed the printed edition themselves, alone. This continued until the fall of 1979 – until the time when it was decided to place on the covers not only lowriders but also beauties in bikinis. A David Gonzales comic book series called The Adventures of Hollywood appeared in parallel. And it became incredibly symbolic as the Homies toy line was subsequently launched.

Despite active progress and marketing measures, the magazine closed at the end of 1985. The reason was the printing house where it was printed. She just moved to another property. The revival of the periodical occurred in 1988. Its creator Larry Gonzalez had a hand in this. He found support from the Lopez brothers – Alberto and Lonnie. They moved the headquarters closer to the center of the lowrider culture – in the city of Fullerton, California. At the same time, mostly customized trucks began to appear on the covers.

As a result, in the 90s, the readership of Lowrider increased significantly, and the interest of professionals increased. So, in 1997, the magazine was taken over by McMullen Argus Publishing, and in 2007 it was bought by Source Interlink Media, a specialized company known today as TEN: The Enthusiast Network. Despite the change of ownership, the publication retained the original logo associated with the lowrider movement – it’s cult and concept.

Meaning and History

Lowrider Symbol

The logo of this company is a direct demonstration of the lowrider style to which it is dedicated and named after. That is why the magazine’s identity is conceptual, practical, and understandable to the majority. Its symbolism is nothing superfluous or abstruse – only an associative reference to the cult image. In particular, the emblem depicts a representative of this trend – an imposing and self-confident gentleman in tinted glasses.

This is a characteristic type from the subcultures of Chicano and Aztekas – the places of the main distribution of Lowrider. They appreciate sleek cars with shiny finishes, bright colors, and a low stance, so the clearance on the rear bumper knocks out sheaves of spray while driving through city streets. That is, in this case, it is not speed and drive that is important, but chic and kitsch. As a result, the logo shows the head of such a dandy. He is depicted in full face. A thin black mustache is drawn on a round face. Moreover, the circle also represents a car wheel.

What is Lowrider?

Lowrider is an American magazine focusing on lowrider culture (the car of the same name and the lifestyle associated with it). The year of his debut is 1977. The time of the re-release is 1988. The founders of the print edition were three students from San Jose who were passionate about this social and cult movement: Larry Gonzalez, David Nunez, and Sonny Madrid. The editorial office was located in Anaheim, California. The magazine closed in 2019 and has not been published again.

The glasses are slightly lowered on both sides, which is typical of the model called “aviators.” A wide-brimmed gangster hat is pulled over the forehead. It is painted yellow and complemented by a black stripe with a radiant gloss. Under the “portrait” of a lowrider culture representative is the magazine’s name. The inscription is bold, wide, and shaped like an arch. All letters are in upper case and are colored lemon with a gradient. At the bottom, the symbols are darkened, so the light seems to fall on them from above – as if from a bright sun.

Font and Colors

Lowrider Emblem

For its logo, Lowrider magazine opted for bespoke, massive glyphs. In particular, the grotesque is taken as a basis. Some letters are directly connected even though they are far apart. For example, the legs of the central “R” are in the form of wide stripes directed in different directions: the left one is connected with “L” (it is located at the beginning of the word), the right one is connected with “R” (it is located at the end).

The color palette combines different shades of yellow: lemon, mustard, honey, and amber. The logo also has black, which effectively complements all other colors.

Lowrider color codes

Middle YellowHex color:#ffe500
RGB:255 229 0
CMYK:0 10 100 0
Pantone:PMS 803 C
Harvest GoldHex color:#c98a16
RGB:201 138 22
CMYK:0 31 89 21
Pantone:PMS 7564 C
Golden BrownHex color:#a87222
RGB:168 114 34
CMYK:0 32 80 34
Pantone:PMS 139 C
Cafe NoirHex color:#4d351d
RGB:77 53 29
CMYK:0 31 62 70
Pantone:PMS 2226 C