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The Lucasfilm Games logo seems to have descended from Olympus. The emblem looks majestic and stretches above the Earth. The symbol speaks of a well-known company that has earned respect and admiration.

Lucasfilm Games: Brand overview

Founded:May 1, 1982
Founder:George Lucas
San Francisco, California, U.S.
Lucasfilm Games (LG) – a major division, and later an independent firm, which was involved in developing games based on films from the famous director and producer George Walton Lucas and established in 1979. The main game style – is adventures, with a “choose and click” element. The work was suspended in 2013 and resumed in 2021 and owned by The Walt Disney Company through the parent company.

Meaning and History

Lucasfilm Games Logo History

The gaming division was originally part of a large film studio. Therefore, the development of its visual identity is inextricably linked with the emblems of Lucasfilm. Later, the developers had successful projects and their unique logo. Finally, LG has changed its name several times, leading to rebranding. The greatness and scale, displayed by the golden elements and the size of the letters, form the basis of each symbol.

What is Lucasfilm Games?

An American computer game manufacturer: Loom, Maniac Mansion, The Secret of Monkey Island, Full Throttle. The most famous ones are based on Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Before closing in 2013, the gaming division released about 50 games.

1982 – 1987

Lucasfilm Games Logo 1982

In 1982, Lucasfilm Computer Division, founded in 1979, split into Pixar and Lucasfilm Games. The gaming division received a separate logo, which firmly linked the new company to the film studio for which it worked.

The Lucasfilm inscription in the emblem is displayed in white volumetric letters in the cubic style of Minecraft. The company’s first games were pixelated, and each figure seemed to consist of cubes.

The name rests on a black hill, with the word Games in the center. On its sides, there are two constructions resembling keys or blowing wind streams.

  • Keys are necessary in games for transitioning to a new level or getting hints. Considering that the studio’s first games are graphic adventures where the participant solves puzzles or completes tasks, keys are an important attribute.
  • Blowing wind represents the wind of change that uplifts and supports a new venture.

The emblem’s image is taken from the film company Lucasfilm, only in the parent version instead of Games in the center of the hill, it says Ltd. The difference can also be traced in the font of the letters. The name, made up of small cubes, brings the logo closer to the gaming world, while the letters in the studio’s sign are smooth and even.

The semicircle symbolizes the Earth’s surface. It hints at the company’s worldwide fame and the scale of its products since, by that time, Lucas had already filmed Star Wars. The arc indicates the patronage of a well-known studio.

1987 – 1991

Lucasfilm Games Logo 1987

Despite being founded in 1982, the company released its first game in 1986. It was called Labyrinth. With the market launch of the first product, the logo of the gaming division changed.

They placed a large name inside a light gray rectangle with a thin black outline. Its first and last letters are lowered below the main level. And in the space between them, there is a black plaque with the word Games.

The emblem is similar to the previous one but more precise with straight angles. They are closer to computer graphics and point to logical chains in the company’s games.


LucasArts - Lucasfilm Games Logo 1991

In 1990, Lucas reorganized and included the gaming firm in the LucasArts Entertainment Company, which also included the producer’s two film studios. Therefore, the logo of that period changed.

The previous rectangular emblem was divided in half lengthwise. The top white part had Lucas Arts written in black letters. In the lower white half in the fine script – Lucasfilm Games. The difference in font indicated affiliation and the company’s transition to a divisional position. The dark background enhanced the impression, conveying the shadowing of Lucasfilm.

The emblem existed for several months.

1991 – 2005

LucasArts Logo 1991

In 1991, the film studios were separated into a separate group, Lucas Digital Ltd, and they decided to leave the name Lucas Arts instead of Lucasfilm Games. The renaming was reflected in a brighter and more thought-out logo.

The emblem consisted of a large purple letter L, which stood for the director’s surname. The word Lucas was written on its vertical glyph, and Arts on the bottom line, which helped to understand which company was being discussed precisely.

On the base of the L stood a golden man, holding half the sun with raised hands. The figure was nicknamed Golden Guy and was taken from one of the company’s adventure games. The symbol represented:

  • Immortality, both literally and metaphorically. In the literal sense, it referred to the games. The company stood out by rejecting the idea of player death due to incorrect decisions. There were also no dead ends in the adventures. In the metaphorical sense, it referred to games based on the director’s immortal films.
  • Golden ideas. The company has very interesting stories at the heart of its games.
  • The golden era. Lucasfilm’s games belong to a period of high demand for adventures. Just as there is a golden age of comics, the company’s product embodied the best era for the genre.

The purple color of the letters pointed to science fiction. All games are based on futuristic plots and popular science data.

2005 – 2013

LucasArts Logo 2005

In 2004, LucasArts changed direction, ceasing production of its adventure games due to declining demand for them. Many designers were laid off. The company focused on Star Wars games.

The game studio’s logo underwent changes. The golden man became more schematic. He was placed in the center above the name, and it seemed as if he was flying or frozen in a jump, grabbing the sun.

The name was written in the style of the first emblems when the inscription from the bottom formed an arc. The font was chosen to be thin and elegant. The whole composition seemed to float, rising towards the sky.

The changes made the visual identity more modern. But like the previous signs, they underscored its star status, the ability to grab “God by the beard.”

In 2012, The Walt Disney Company bought Lucasfilm’s film studio. It stopped Lucas Arts’ operations and laid off most of its staff.

2021 – today

Lucasfilm Games Logo

In 2021, Lucasfilm announced that it would restore its gaming division. For this, Lucas Arts was renamed again, returning the company to its former name, Lucasfilm Games. The logo was also revived, using the 2015 Lucasfilm mark more precisely, without pixel elements—just black letters with a white outline on a hill.

Font and Colors

Black and white are the main colors in the logos. The shades link the studio’s game plots with the world of cinema. Black speaks of fame, leadership in the industry, and the creation of a product without competition. White embodies novelty. The first games in the graphic adventure genre saw the light of day in the early 1980s, and with the point-and-click process, in which Lucasfilm Games was created in 1984. That’s why the company was working in a new, promising direction.

In addition to the main colors, gold stands out in the company’s emblems. The metal was used during the heyday of the division and spoke of a rise, expansion, and popularity. It represented the best in their field.

Lucasfilm Games color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C