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LyddAir: Brand overview

LyddAir was a regional airline established in 2001 from London Ashford Airport in Lydd, Kent, England. The establishment of the airline was initiated by South East Airports, the company that operates London Ashford Airport.

LyddAir began operations in July 2001, utilizing a fleet of small turboprop aircraft. The airline initially operated scheduled passenger flights from Lydd Airport to various destinations in the UK and Europe. These included London City, Edinburgh, Jersey, and Le Touquet.

In 2002, LyddAir expanded its operations by opening a base at London Luton Airport. This allowed the airline to increase the number of scheduled flights between Luton and regional destinations in the UK and Europe.

Despite these successes, by 2004, LyddAir was facing financial difficulties, leading to its acquisition by new owners. The new management decided to change the focus of the airline, refocusing it on specialty charter flights rather than scheduled flights.

From 2004 to 2006, LyddAir operated primarily as a charter airline, serving tour operators, corporate clients, and sports teams. Primarily from its main base in Lydd, the airline flew to various destinations such as Spain, France, Italy, and Scotland.

However, in April 2006, LyddAir finally ceased operations after a relatively short five-year period of operation. High fuel prices and growing competition from low-cost carriers contributed significantly to the airline’s closure. Despite its short existence, LyddAir managed to serve more than 600,000 passengers.

Meaning and History

LyddAir Logo History

2001 – today

LyddAir Logo

The UK-based charter airline chose a green airplane as its logo. The artists created a realistic silhouette of the airplane without going into details. Interestingly, the wings have different shapes: one is short and pointed, and the other is long and thickened at the end. The name LyddAir is typed in straight bold type, separated into two parts by a wide space. In the green word “Lydd,” only the initial letter “L” is capitalized, while in the black word “AIR,” all three letters are capitalized but reduced in size.

A green aircraft symbolizes a commitment to eco-travel or emphasizes uniqueness, as green is not a typical color for aircraft. The different wing shapes signify versatility and the wide range of services offered by the airline. The differences in lettering between the words “Lydd” and “AIR” emphasize different aspects of the company’s identity, while the bold font enhances readability and attracts attention.