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The Mailbox logo cannot symbolize anything other than the email services that this service provides. The brand emblem prompts you to immediately send a letter so the addressee can open it, read it and write a response.

Mailbox: Brand overview

Mailbox is a paid German email client without tracking technologies, ads, and spam, based on JPBerlin in 2014.

Meaning and History

Mailbox Symbol

The Mailbox was conceived by the programmers of Heinlein Support GmbH as an improved version of the mail service provider JPBerlin, developed by them in 1992. The idea of ​​a service that maximally respects the confidentiality of customers appeared in 2013, and already in 2014, the mail client started working. The owners are constantly improving the user interface and increasing the level of data protection. Mailbox has received multiple awards from the Stiftung Warentest for quality of service in Germany.

The modern version of the emblem appeared after the system upgrade in 2018. It is simple, understandable, and attracts with its brightness. It is created to increase the audience using the product.

What is Mailbox?

This is a paid mail server for private clients and large companies, developed by a team of German specialists led by Peer Heinlein.

The emblem consists of a visual sign and an inscription. The image is divided into two parts. In its right half is a lowercase English letter M, symbolizing the first letter of the word “letter” and the first letter of the company name.

The left half shows a light green sealed envelope with rounded corners. The letter is partly hidden as if halfway through the slot of a mailbox. It seems that the envelope is moving towards the letter M and hiding in her pocket. This symbolizes sending mail through the Mailbox service.

Between the “M” and the envelope, as well as in the arches and around the letter, there is a white space as a symbol of a blank sheet on which the message will be written. The sheet forms a pocket into which the envelope is dropped. The half-vanished letter creates the illusion of space under the sheet. But it is impossible to see what is there. Thanks to the white field, the pocket’s size and contents are hidden from the eyes. The association conveys the main message of the service – maximum privacy and protection. No one will be able to find out how many letters the client writes and what content.

The envelope occupies only part of the image since Mailbox provides many other services to customers (online office, video conferencing, calendar, document processing). Business customers especially appreciate secure cloud storage. The half-hidden envelope also indicates the storage of information—the ability to put it in the pocket of the program and hide it from prying eyes.

The letter is an indicator of data protection. The company has developed various technologies for this: TLS / DANE, a separate PGP key server, etc.

Below the visual image is the email client website address. It is located on the org domain. The word Mailbox consists of two parts and is translated as “box with letters” or “mailbox.” Therefore, the name makes it clear in which direction the service works. The word has a similar meaning in many languages, making the logo understandable to foreign customers.

The inscription is made in thin, rounded lowercase letters, which, together with the rounded corners of the envelope, the inscription symbolize friendliness. The absence of a capital letter demonstrates simplicity and closeness to customers and a willingness to go forward to meet their needs.

Font and Colors

Mailbox Emblem

The logo is made in green color. It symbolizes hope and new beginnings. Promises fruitful work. Green is the color of life. It supports the idea of ​​continuous development and updating the system.

White lines and background – a symbol of openness and honesty. It represents the absence of unwanted contacts, the suppression of surveillance of users, the removal of spam, and the rejection of advertising. Customers receive only postal services and no hidden extras.

The font of the inscription is close to Bega Medium.

Mailbox color codes

Apple GreenHex color:#76bb20
RGB:118 187 32
CMYK:37 0 83 27
Pantone:PMS 802 C