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Designers have developed the Mailfence logo, which symbolizes close connection and reliable protection. Communication – in the sense that email allows people to communicate. And the protection lies in the technologies used to preserve sensitive data.

Mailfence: Brand overview

Founded:12 November 2013
Founder:ContactOffice Group
Mailfence is an email application with enhanced hack protection. It was created by the Belgian developer ContactOffice Group, which offers programs for online offices. Supports 12 languages.

Meaning and History

Mailfence Logo History

ContactOffice began developing mail in 2013, and three years later, a version available for public use was presented. The mail client includes paid and free services. The program code is open to check for the absence of built-in tracking systems. All servers are located in Belgium, where laws protect privacy.

The visual sign was initially chosen correctly and conveyed the essence of the company’s offer. Therefore, the only update touched only on the details.

What is Mailfence?

A Belgian email client with a particular concern for user privacy. Available since 2016. Works in 12 languages.


Mailfence Old Logo

The logo consists of the name of the mail service and the image of the envelope. The idea of ​​maximum protection is conveyed in several details:

  • In the name. Translation of the word Mailfence means “mail fence.” Letters on this service are behind the “high fence.” It surrounds all site users and prevents attackers from getting into the contents of mailboxes. The service protects against the collection of information, and advertising does not study the client’s preferences and excludes the intervention of government agencies. In Belgium, where the power of the system is located, government programs that collect information without users’ permission are prohibited.
  • In the image of the envelope. On its reverse side, the sealing triangle that seals the letter forms a double helix, intertwining with the bottom of the envelope. This creates a feeling of maximum closure and a strong thick wire that blocks access to correspondence. The helix indicates an end-to-end encryption system with block asymmetric key encryption (E2EE and AES-256). This is a double layer of protection where not only emails are encrypted but also private keys. Access to encrypted keys is closed with a passphrase. Key exchange occurs only between the sender and the recipient. Such a system is used for national security and online banking.

The blue color of the envelope represents calmness. Clients can be calm about sensitive data.

Rounded corners are a sign of friendliness and harmony. To protect customers, the service does not sacrifice their convenience and freedom. Users are not overloaded with complex access systems; working with the mail client is easy and convenient.


Mailfence New Logo

In the new logo, the accents have been slightly shifted. The letters of the name have become lower but more powerful. This emphasizes the meaning of the word. The bold font gives the impression of a wall, a powerful fence protecting the server. The letters are grouped, and the level of protection has increased.

The envelope also became larger. It is twice as high as the capital letter of the title. This emphasizes the importance of user emails. The interests of customers are at the forefront of the company.

The double helix has remained unchanged, but the color of the envelope is now lighter blue. It resembles the transparency of the heavenly heights. The company provides users with special reports about what requests and about what user data the system received. Thanks to this, customers can know who was interested in their data and whether the system rejected the request.

Font and Colors

Mailfence Emblem

The logo combines shades of blue, black, and white.

  • The choice of cold blue shades is not accidental. They convey neutrality, indifference, and business relations. The colors show that the server owners are not overly curious and are not interested in the contents of the envelopes. For them, letters after being sent “to one person” are only packages that need to be delivered to recipients. The service does not have primary keys that allow you to “bypass” encryption and secretly read user messages. The password word is not sent to the server; it is stored on the client’s computer. Changing the new logo’s color to a lighter one resembles a dissolution. Mailfence has a feature of the limited life of messages with subsequent deletion.
  • Black is the color of reliability, confidence, and closeness.
  • The white color of the closing wire shows that every new letter is protected with maximum security. White symbolizes honesty, transparent terms of use, and protection from fraud. The service base is not for sale. It protects users from their own and other people’s mailing lists to which the client did not subscribe.

Mailfence Symbol

The logo uses a harmonious geometric font Typold Bold, presented by The Northern Block.

Mailfence color codes

Spanish Sky BlueHex color:#00aae8
RGB:0 170 232
CMYK:100 27 0 9
Pantone:PMS 801 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C