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Mamasandpapas: Brand overview

In 1981 in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, David and Louise Scacchetti conceived the idea for Mamas and Papas. Driven by a passion to bring Italian flair to the British market, the duo began importing brightly colored corduroy strollers from Italy. Initially, they ran a local store and distributed to other retailers.

By 1998, however, the couple changed their focus. Mamas and Papas, originally a wholesaler, began a new journey as a retail brand by opening their own exclusive chain of stores. Their product range, which became synonymous with style and innovation, included a wide range of baby products from strollers and cribs to high chairs and nursery furniture. Notably, the company also entered the maternity wear market.

Soon, the brand expanded beyond the UK and became present in regions such as the US, Europe and Asia. During its heyday, Mamas and Papas had more than 70 stores worldwide. The Scacchetti family remained the torchbearers of the company for a considerable amount of time until it was acquired by Bluegem Capital in 2010.

However, the wind did not always favor Mamas and Papas. By 2019, the company was facing financial difficulties and went into administration – the British equivalent of bankruptcy protection. But the story didn’t end there. Bluegem Capital stepped in again, buying the company out of administration and ensuring its survival.

To this day, Mamas and Papas stands at the pinnacle of success, operating through multiple retail outlets, online platforms and wholesale channels. Its roots are firmly in Huddersfield – the place where it all began.

Meaning and History

Mamasandpapas Logo History

What is Mamasandpapas?

Mamasandpapas is an iconic British brand that has been providing expectant and current parents with a wide range of high quality baby products and maternity supplies since 1981, making the transition to parenthood easy. For almost four decades, this renowned British company has dedicated itself to providing expectant and new parents with a full range of high quality products and essentials to ease their transition into parenthood.

Before 2006

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2006 – 2013

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2013 – 2017

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2017 – today

Mamasandpapas Logo History

The British online store, where moms and dads can buy a lot of things for their babies, uses a simple two-dimensional logo. The text is typed in lowercase letters and divided into two lines. The conjunction “and” is replaced by an ampersand (&), which is placed between the words “mamas” and “papas .”The letters are smooth and smooth; there are very few angles, and they are present only in the recesses of the letter “a.” The lines are staggered and not aligned. Glyphs are colored dark gray, close to graphite shade.

The staggered lines and flowing letters create a sense of calm and relaxation. The dark gray color is also very interesting. It is not too bright and flashy, just right for a store that cares about children.

Mamasandpapas color codes

Davy’s GrayHex color:#565654
RGB:86 86 84
CMYK:0 0 2 66
Pantone:PMS 425 C