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The Mandalorian logo depicts a huge, endless world consisting of individual large galaxies. The symbols show the franchise’s power, grandeur, and scale. However, as in every game, the emblem has a thin storyline that unites the distant corners of the universe.

Mandalorian: Brand overview

The Star Wars franchise has created many media products based on the original storyline. The Mandalorian game series is one such project. It was filmed specifically for the streaming service Disney + and debuted with it in 2019. There are two seasons, but it doesn’t stop there – the developers are already preparing to release new episodes.

Meaning and History

Mandalorian Logo History

The idea of ​​creating a series based on Star Wars has excited the minds of many directors. At first, this idea was hatched for a long time by George Walton Lucas, the “father” of the media franchise. Then Jonathan Kolia Favreau took over and, admittedly, succeeded: he wrote the scripts for all the episodes, combining work with the filming of The Lion King. The plot reveals the problems of fatherhood and the eternal philosophical questions of good and evil.

Choosing a logo for Mandalorian turned out to be no less demanding than finding the right actors. Each season has its distinctive mark, and the number could soon increase.

What is Mandalorian?

This is an American television series filmed in the genre of a space western. It was made for the Disney + streaming channel, the first in a Star Wars movie. Mandalorian debuted in 2019.


Mandalorian Logo 2019

The first season’s logo appeared on the poster in 2019. Designers designed it as the series name, combining text and graphic elements. The basis is the phrase “THE MANDALORIAN.” The article is at the top between two long horizontal lines. It is centered and scaled down. The second line contains the word “MANDALORIAN.” It consists of large stylized letters through which the colorful landscape can be viewed.

The inscription resembles a window to another world: against the background of “M,” one can see the sun’s rays, and inside the middle “A,” there is a gray humanoid figure with a weapon on his back. This is Mandalorian – the main character of the television series. The background is deliberately darkened to emphasize the brightness of the letters and illustrations.


Mandalorian Logo 2020

For the second season, the designers changed the original logo. They kept the inscriptions original and added another – “STAR WARS.” The franchise’s name is issued in a corporate font and is located at the top with center alignment. Through the word “MANDALORIAN,” you can see a dark blue landscape. This is probably the night that turns into dawn because the sky depicts the crescent moon and the first morning rays. Mandalorian no longer looks lonely. He stands next to Baby Yoda, whom he had to rescue in the series’s first season and needs to be returned to the Jedi.

The Mandalorian civilization has its symbol—the skull of the Mythosaur. According to legend, this horned beast once lived on Mandalore until the humanoid race Taungs destroyed its population. The Mythosaur is a giant reptile, but the Mandalorians’ ancestors tamed it and used it as a mount and beast of burden. The skull of this creature became an emblem because the ruler of the local inhabitants wore it as a helmet. This iconic attribute is called “kyr’bes.”

Star Wars Mandalorian Emblem

The graphic sign consists of black geometric shapes. There are tusks on the sides, and in the center, there is an elongated “blot,” in which the eye sockets and the nose openings are visible. Four vertical lines extend down from it.

Mandalorian: Interesting Facts

“The Mandalorian,” created by Jon Favreau, is a hit Star Wars TV show. It launched on Disney+ in November 2019 and has become a key show for the platform.

  1. New Ground: The first live-action Star Wars TV series opens up new storytelling possibilities beyond the movies.
  2. Timeline: The show takes place after the Empire’s fall in “Return of the Jedi” and before the First Order rises, which lets it explore fresh stories, places, and characters.
  3. The Child: Known as Baby Yoda but officially called Grogu, this character stole hearts worldwide with its cuteness and mystery, becoming a pop culture icon.
  4. Tech and Effects: The show uses practical effects and StageCraft technology by Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), which creates realistic environments with LED screens, making for immersive scenes.
  5. Darksaber: The show delves into the history of the Darksaber, a special lightsaber important to Mandalorian culture. It connects the show to the broader Star Wars universe through series like “The Clone Wars” and “Rebels.”
  6. New Directors: It gave people like Bryce Dallas Howard and Carl Weathers a chance to direct Star Wars content for the first time, bringing fresh views to the series.
  7. Music: Ludwig Göransson’s score, mixing orchestral and electronic music, sets a unique tone for the show and adds to its atmosphere.
  8. New Faces: The series introduces new characters like Greef Karga, Cara Dune, and Moff Gideon while also bringing in familiar ones from other Star Wars stories, like Ahsoka Tano and Bo-Katan Kryze.
  9. Praise and Awards: It’s been lauded for its storytelling, direction, acting, and effects, winning Emmys for Special Visual Effects and Stunt Coordination, among others.
  10. Spin-offs: Its success has led to spin-off series like “The Book of Boba Fett,” “Ahsoka,” and “Rangers of the New Republic,” expanding the Star Wars universe even more.

“The Mandalorian” keeps longtime fans engaged and attracts new fans to the Star Wars universe, demonstrating the saga’s continuous growth and appeal.

Font and Colors

Mandalorian Emblem

The font for the largest word resembles a modified Agency Black from the Font Bureau. The designers removed the horizontal bars inside the “A,” sharpening the middle of the “M” and making the lettering more legible overall. For the article “THE,” a standard sans-serif typeface was chosen, which does not have any distinctive elements by which it can be identified. For the phrase “STAR WARS,” an individual font is used with elongated vertical lines at the “S” and “R” and with small intra-letter gaps.

Mandalorian Symbol

The color scheme is very varied, considering the rich graphics of the logos. The wordmark of the first season contains many shades of orange and gray, while blues and pinks dominate the palette of the second season. The background in both cases is black.

Star Wars Mandalorian Logo


What is on the Mandalorian crest?

The crest is famous for its mythosaur skull, a key symbol in their culture. This emblem symbolizes the heritage and identity of the Mandalorian people. The Mythosaur Skull is a decoration and a reminder of how the ancient Mandalorians tamed and rode these great beasts, a sign of their bravery and skill.

What does the Mandalorian logo mean?

The logo features a white mythosaur skull on a black background. This symbol is important in Mandalorian culture and holds significant meaning for characters and fans.

The mythosaur was a huge creature similar to a giant sea monster that lived in Mandalore. These large, strong creatures made them the perfect symbol of strength and endurance. The ancient Mandalorians, known for their martial skills, tamed and rode these mythosaurs.

The mythosaur skull in the logo is a meaningful choice. In many cultures, including the Mandalorians, skulls represent death, respect for beings of the past, and overcoming great challenges. The skull symbolizes honor and inspires Mandalorians to follow the warrior’s path. The logo reminds them of their origins and the values that define what it means to be part of this legendary group of warriors from the Star Wars saga.

Does the Mandalorian have a logo?

Yes, the Mandalorian characters and the series itself have their logos. The character’s logo features the skull of a horned mythosaur, a symbol of great significance in Mandalorian culture. This skull represents the warriors’ past and embodies their values of strength and resilience.

The Mandalorian series has a separate logo that features a stylized version of the series title. This logo was updated in 2020 to keep it modern yet recognizable. It combines modern design with traditional Star Wars elements.

What is the Mandalorian sigil?

The Mandalorian sigil is important in the Star Wars universe. It is a ring or emblem depicting the common symbol of all the clans and factions of Mandalorian society. Although decorative, it plays a key role in uniting the Mandalorians, celebrating achievements, and identifying key figures.

The sigil symbolizes unity and acts as a symbol of conquest. This badge is awarded to Mandalorians who have shown great skill and courage in battle. This high honor recognizes both personal success and contribution to the collective strength and reputation of the community.

What does Boba Fett’s symbol mean?

A famous character from the Star Wars universe, Boba Fett, wears armor with important symbols. The most notable symbol on his armor is the Mythosaur skull, a key figure in Mandalorian culture representing strength and resilience. Another symbol on his chest is the Jaster Mereel symbol, which looks like a crossed-out ring with an eye, a teardrop, and a letter. Together, these symbols tell the complex story of Boba Fett’s origins and role in the Star Wars saga.