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MANDM Direct: Brand overview

In 1987, MANDM Direct, the brainchild of Mark Ellis and Martin Churchward, was born in the UK. The company started out as a mail order business, mainly distributing branded clothing and shoes at discounted prices. Initially, they purchased excess inventory and manufacturing surplus.

However, as technology evolved, so did MANDM Direct. In 1999, the company entered the digital age by rolling out its online platform and giving consumers direct access to its products. In the 2000s, as e-commerce began to gain popularity, MANDM Direct became one of the early leaders in online fashion commerce. By the end of the decade, in 2010, the company proudly ranked second in the UK for online clothing sales.

Over time, the company’s catalog has expanded significantly to include over 150 well-known brands such as Adidas, Diesel, Puma, etc. MANDM Direct has built its reputation by offering significant discounts on surplus or stock left over from the end of the season. They advocate buying surplus goods from manufacturers and retailing them at competitive prices. Recently, however, in an effort to diversify, the company has added current season fashion items to their collection.

Today, MANDM Direct remains an iconic e-commerce hub in the UK, known for offering branded clothing and footwear at attractive prices.

Meaning and History

MANDM Direct Logo History

What is MANDM Direct?

MandM Direct is a UK-based online retailer founded by Mark Ellis and Martin Churchward in 1987, offering a wide range of branded clothing at discounted prices thanks to its expertise in stock picking. With a wide range of over 150 brands, including sportswear giants such as Adidas and Puma, as well as well-known fashion brands such as Diesel and Timberland, MandM Direct differentiates itself from competitors through its ability to buy from manufacturers’ warehouses and offer customers fashionable items at significant discounts.

Before 2013

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2013 – 2015

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2016 – 2023

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2023 – today

MANDM Direct Logo

British online store MANDM Direct (actually spelled M and M) sells clothes of its own production, so it strives for originality. The logo consists of the first part of the name, visually divided into two segments. The first segment is a single blue letter, “M.” Its negative space is clearly outlined with a white arrow pointing downward and a small triangle at the top. The second segment is “iM,” written as a single word and placed in a blue rectangle. The sans-serif font gives the lettering clarity and seriousness.

The blue letter “M” with a hidden arrow is like a little secret message that makes you wonder, “What is going on in this store?”. The tiny triangle at the top resembles a “play” button and suggests that there’s always something going on here. The second part, “andM”, is enclosed in a rectangle, as if to say, “There’s something to see here!”. The choice of a straight font makes it easy to read all this lettering while keeping it casual.

MANDM Direct color codes

Spanish Sky BlueHex color:#00aeee
RGB:0 174 238
CMYK:100 27 0 7
Pantone:PMS 801 C