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The Market America logo creates an impression of the brand and its values. It emphasizes the company’s commitment to the e-commerce market and its ambition for presence in the USA and abroad. In addition, the emblem expresses the firm’s readiness to provide quality products and support customers in every possible way.

Market America: Brand overview

Founder:James Howard Ridinger, Loren Ridinger
Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
Market America builds its business on multilevel marketing; that is, it trades through a network of independent distributors—participants in this scheme profit from selling products and services and recruiting new employees. The firm was founded in 1992 by James Howard Ridinger, who knew the MLM concept well since he had previously been an Amway distributor. He created a large-scale marketing empire with multimillion-dollar revenues and made it popular worldwide.

Meaning and History

Market America Logo History

The Market America logo is a key element of the company’s visual identity. It helps it maintain communication with customers and contributes to brand recognition. At first glance, it is a simple textual sign that contains only the main information: the name and slogan. But it has hidden symbolism. The modern design underscores Market America’s drive to follow the latest business trends. The strict black font reflects professionalism and reliability. And the blue color indicates the firm’s global presence, expressing its ambition to expand to international markets.

What is Market America?

Market America is a company that follows the MLM strategy to sell goods through an extensive network of distributors. It offers various products, including clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, food supplements, household chemicals, and water purification systems. Its business model receives mixed reviews. Some people regard the earning opportunity positively, while others doubt the effectiveness of the financial pyramid.

1992 – today

Market America Logo

The emblem contains the lowercase inscription “marketamerica” without spaces between the words. The two parts of the name are separated only by color: the first half is black, and the second is blue. This creates a memorable and recognizable image. The combination of “market” and “america” represents the idea of the company’s presence in the market of goods and services in the USA.

At the bottom is the company slogan, “Built on Product. Powered by People, ” expressing the brand’s values. This phrase symbolizes two main concepts.

  • The first sentence emphasizes Market America’s focus on quality products that satisfy customers’ needs.
  • The second half of the inscription states that the main success factors in the company’s business model are its independent distributors and customers.

The phrase is separated by two horizontal lines, drawn on top and bottom. They create compositional balance in the emblem’s design.

Font and Colors

Market America Symbol

The Market America logo’s font represents something between Kohinoor Latin Demi by Indian Type Foundry, CA Cula Regular by Cape Arcona Type Foundry, and Allerta Medium by Matt McInerney. It is characterized by the absence of serifs, round glyph shapes, and cuts at the ends.

The black color of the inscription is associated with strength, stability, and professionalism. And the blue, which is used for the word “america,” symbolizes trust, reliability, and global presence.

Market America Emblem