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The sign of the game is very cosmic. The emblem contains the idea of takeoff, interplanetary ships, brave astronauts, and giant galaxies. The Mass Effect logo symbolizes future technologies, travel between worlds, and large-scale star wars.

Mass Effect: Brand overview

Founded:November 20, 2007
Founder:Casey Hudson, Drew Karpyshyn, Preston Watamaniuk
United States
BioWare developed mass Effect sci-fi games. The project was once led by Casey Hudson, the creator of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and the technical artist of MDK 2. Under his leadership, the original trilogy appeared, and only then an additional part was added to the series, indirectly related to the main plot. But the latest video game received a lot of negative reviews. After a commercial failure, BioWare announced that it was discontinuing work on BioWare. Recently it became known that the continuation will still be. An updated collection is also expected – a remake in Full HD format.

Meaning and History

Mass Effect Logo History

The series is based on a trilogy set in the distant future. All parts are third-person shooters, where gamers can use two additional squad members and the main character. When passing games, strategic thinking and the search for non-standard solutions are encouraged.

Having gained unprecedented popularity, Mass Effect has become a sci-fi media franchise. His characters are featured in many books and comics, and an anime was filmed based on the original plot. It’s no surprise that iconic emblems are famous all over the world. Each part of the series has its distinctive mark, but they are linked by a common design.

What is Mass Effect?

Mass Effect is a multimedia franchise based on a series of computer games. Its creator is a team of developers led by Casey Hudson from BioWare. The original trilogy’s plot revolves around the adventures of Commander Shepard, who manages a spaceship and completes various missions. The games have received numerous awards for their captivating sci-fi story, character detail, and visual effects.


Mass Effect Logo 2007

Microsoft Game Studios released the first action RPG in 2007. Its cover featured a logo that fans have already seen in the teaser: a large white and gray lettering “MASS EFFECT” split into two lines. The image looked like the developers were trying to save space. The letters in the word “MASS” were close to each other, and there were no usual gaps between the horizontal lines at “S,” “E,” and “F.” A thick black line running along the edges of each character. Another but thinner stripe crossed out the first half of the name.


Mass Effect 2 Logo 2010

With the release of the second part of the game, another logo appeared. The designers retained the original inscription to show the connection between Mass Effect and the new action RPG and draw fans’ attention to the continuation of the series. The text has been slightly reduced and shifted to the left. The vacant space next to him was taken by the white number “2” in a red square. The designers have aged the deuce with dark lines, creating a worn effect.


Mass Effect 3 Logo 2012

The final part of the trilogy came out in 2012. Its emblem remained almost unchanged; only “2” turned into “3”. The square received a new design: chaotic black lines appeared on it, as on the number. They looked spectacular because the red became darker.


Mass Effect Andromeda Logo 2017

The logo for the fourth Mass Effect: Andromeda game is significantly different from what it was before. This time, the designers even changed the lettering style, removing the outlines and making the letters completely black. The line through the first line is repainted white. There is no square, so the title of the series is centered. Below is the third word: “ANDROMEDA.” It is written in stylized red letters.

Mass Effect: Interesting Facts

The “Mass Effect” series, launched in 2007 by BioWare, is a hit in the video game world thanks to its detailed stories, complex characters, and players’ significant choices.

  1. Sci-Fi Inspiration: It’s heavily influenced by classic sci-fi, with nods to authors like Isaac Asimov and movies such as “Blade Runner” and “Star Wars.”
  2. Detailed World: The game has its encyclopedia (codex) that explains its universe’s history, technology, and politics, making the galaxy feel real and vast.
  3. Stellar Voice Acting: With actors like Seth Green and Martin Sheen, the game’s characters come to life, enhancing the story’s depth.
  4. Awards: “Mass Effect 2” was especially praised, winning multiple Game of the Year awards and being called one of the best video games ever.
  5. Choices Matter: The game lets you make decisions that can be noble or ruthless, affecting the story and how characters react to you.
  6. Inclusive Relationships: It pioneered players in forming relationships with characters of the same gender, earning praise for LGBTQ+ representation.
  7. You Design the Hero: You can customize Commander Shepard, the main character, in detail, making each player’s journey unique.
  8. Real Science: BioWare consulted scientists to make the game’s science fiction elements believable.
  9. More Than Games: The story extends into novels, comics, and films, enriching the “Mass Effect” universe even more.
  10. Lasting Impact: “Mass Effect” has left a mark on the gaming world, influencing how stories and characters are developed in other games.

“Mass Effect” combines great gameplay with a story that pulls you in, proving the power of video games to tell engaging and interactive stories.

Font and Colors

Mass Effect Emblem

The graphic symbols of the first three parts of Mass Effect are connected by a common inscription, which at the same time serves as the main emblem of the franchise. So the designers wanted to show that the trilogy has one storyline, and each next game is a continuation of the previous one. The Mass Effect: Andromeda icon looks completely different because the fourth part is more independent in terms of ideological content.

The base font for the four Mass Effect logos is Slider Regular. It has always been used for the series’s title, so fans associate it only with a sci-fi shooter. It is characterized by rounded and elongated letters, especially noticeable in “E” and “F.”

Another typeface is featured in the Mass Effect: Andromeda wordmark. It is vaguely similar to the Axia Regular from Kontour Type, but the designers have changed the original beyond recognition. The “R” and “O” have gaps, and the horizontal strokes of both “A” s are shifted to the sides.

Mass Effect Symbol

The phrase “MASS EFFECT” in the trilogy logos has black outlines and a gradient from light gray (# 9EA9C7) to white (#FFFFFF). In the second part, an additional element appeared: a red square (# CC3628). In Mass Effect 3, it is darker and contains several gradient shades. On the last emblem, the word ANDROMEDA is burgundy (# 970000) and the series name is black (# 060505).

Mass Effect color codes

Dark RedHex color:#970000
RGB:151 0 0
CMYK:0 100 100 41
Pantone:PMS 7626 C
BlackHex color:#060505
RGB:6 5 5
CMYK:0 17 17 98
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C