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Massdrop: Brand overview

In 2012, on the bustling streets of San Francisco, Steve El-Hage and Nelson Wu founded a unique venture called Massdrop. It was conceived as a community-based, participatory shopping platform that allowed members to come together to find the items they wanted. The collaborative shopping, dubbed “drops,” covered categories such as headphones, clothing, and watches.

The beauty of the Massdrop mechanism was its cumulative power. As more and more enthusiasts gathered around a particular drop, buying power increased, opening up opportunities for greater discounts and competitive group rates. This innovative approach fostered close-knit communities, each revolving around common interests and hobbies.

Over time, Massdrop’s horizons expanded. As the network of sellers expanded, so did the range of products offered. By the end of 2019, Massdrop’s repertoire ranged from consumer electronics to clothing. In this pivotal year, the company rebranded with the succinct name “Drop.”

By 2022, the Drop community had surpassed 8 million registered members, a testament to its influence. It has become a nexus connecting enthusiasts to exclusive, often limited edition products at attractive prices. Drop’s journey, marked by constant evolution, continues to change the contours of commerce by prioritizing community spirit and active user participation.

Meaning and History

Massdrop Logo History

What is Massdrop?

Massdrop, now known as Drop, founded in San Francisco in 2012, is an interactive e-commerce platform unique in its community-centered approach where users can participate, vote and influence the range of consumer electronics, fashion and home goods offered on the site.

2012 – 2019

Massdrop Logo

The Massdrop logo is textual and consists of two elements: the name and the underline. The line is long, diagonal, sloping to the left, thickening at the left end, and having a discontinuous section at the right end. Above it is handwritten text, but not italicized. The letters are rounded and vertically straight. The words “Mass” and “drop” are separated; despite the narrow space, there is no connection between them. The bold letters create a sense of stability, longevity, and reliability in the online group buying store.

The diagonal line looks steep, like a slide or ramp, making you wonder, “Where is this all going?”. The line break at the right end is mysterious, like a cliffhanger in a story. The handwritten letters, not too flashy, create a sense of personal character. Although the words “mass” and “blob” are close, they do not touch. All of this creates a sense of casual yet strong atmosphere.

Massdrop color codes

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CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C