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Maxim Logo embodies the essence of the brand’s identity as one of the globally recognized men’s lifestyle magazines. Consisting of a simple, black wordmark on a white backdrop, the logo occasionally undergoes color changes for specific uses, such as for the icon, which features a white ‘M’ on a black square.

The emblem of this magazine manifests its brand values and ethos in a minimalist and powerful way. The wordmark, known for its classic and authoritative appeal, gives a touch of sophistication to the logo. By choosing such a robust and historical font, the logo group creates an image of reliability, emphasizing the brand’s dedication to delivering quality content to its readers.

The black-and-white scheme employed in the emblem design imparts a strong sense of energy and boldness, resonating with the magazine’s target demographic. This dichromatic theme is a timeless choice that transcends trends, suggesting the brand’s longevity and consistency in the fast-paced world of lifestyle publications.

The alternative logo version, a white ‘M’ enclosed in a black square, showcases the brand’s versatility. This compact and dynamic logo version is tailored for smaller spaces such as mobile apps or social media, ensuring the brand is recognizable even in condensed formats.

In its simplicity and strength, the Maxim emblem signifies the brand’s commitment to quality, boldness, and enduring appeal, key attributes valued by its global readership.

Maxim: Brand overview

Founder:Felix Dennis
New York City, United States

Maxim, an international men’s magazine, made its debut in the UK in 1995 and moved its operations to New York City in 1997. The publication has grown steadily in popularity, becoming known for its eye-catching photography of prominent actors, singers, and models experiencing the zenith of their careers.

The magazine has a rich history and has witnessed an evolution in its content and style over the years. From its humble beginnings in the UK, it expanded its reach across the Atlantic and eventually worldwide. The publication has never shied away from featuring prominent personalities at their peak, often boosting their visibility and introducing them to a broad, global audience.

Meaning and History

Maxim Logo History

With regard to brand identity, the publication exudes an air of sophistication combined with an enticing element of glamour. Known for the quality of its photography and its editorial finesse, the magazine has positioned itself as a leading platform in the realm of lifestyle, fashion, and entertainment.

The brand’s distinct style is embedded in its visual and textual content, consistently reflecting a lively, engaging, and polished tone. This tone aligns with its audience’s taste and expectations, an audience that appreciates insightful articles, high-profile interviews, and stunning visual content.

This men’s magazine has established a solid reputation in the publishing world and carved out a distinctive brand identity. It has managed to encapsulate a blend of sophistication, glamour, and contemporary lifestyle insights, all delivered through engaging and aesthetically pleasing content. This unique blend has ensured its continued popularity and relevance in a dynamic and competitive industry.

What is Maxim?

Maxim is an international men’s lifestyle magazine founded by Felix Dennis in 1995 and headquartered in New York City, United States. The magazine is known for its wide-ranging content, covering topics such as fashion, sports, entertainment, cars, tech, fitness, and travel. It also features interviews with renowned figures in entertainment, sports, and other areas of interest. Notably, Maxim is recognized for its annual “Hot 100” feature, which ranks successful and influential women in the entertainment industry. Though it began as a print publication, Maxim has adapted to the digital age, maintaining a strong online presence alongside its physical issues.

1998 – 2015

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2015 – today

Maxim Logo

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