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The Medaille College Mavericks logo featured an image of a fierce horse, with the artists conveying its inner dynamics through small details such as the head’s turn, flowing mane, and tense muscles. The emblem was executed in the institution’s official colors.

Medaille College Mavericks: Brand overview

Founded:1968 – 2022
Buffalo, New York, U.S.
Medaille College founded the intercollegiate sports conference Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference as part of NCAA Division III. The AMCC includes teams from institutions in Pennsylvania and New York. Accordingly, the Medaille College Mavericks were part of it until May 17, 2022, when the institution gained university status. The university students performed well in soccer, basketball, and baseball, winning several championships.

Meaning and History

Medaille College Mavericks Logo History

In the sports department’s identity, the image of a mustang is used – a feral horse that was once domesticated but then moved away from humans and settled in the prairies of the Western United States. The mustang is usually associated with the term “maverick,” denoting a free-from-rules individualist. The same word is often used when talking about large horned cattle without a brand.

Incorporating “Mavericks” into their name, the Medaille teams made it a reflection of the freedom-loving spirit, persistence, courage, determination, and endurance. The same meaning is embedded in the logo, which contains a cartoonish “portrait” of a horse. The artists tried to convey the wildness of the mustang in its expression. To do this, they depicted clenched teeth, a tense jaw, flared nostrils, and a menacing gaze. At the same time, raised ears, a bristling mane, and a head turn make the animal dynamic. The drawing style is far from realism, as the designers chose atypical colors: blue and bright yellow. The first is used for inner contours, mane, and shadows, while the second is used for outer outlining and alternates with white stripes on the head and neck.

Medaille College Mavericks Symbol

When Medaille University was called Medaille College, the logo of its sports department contained the inscription “MEDAILLE COLLEGE MAVERICKS.” The first two words were written in small yellow letters on a dark blue background and were located at the top, under the image of the mustang. The third part of the phrase was positioned at the very bottom and consisted of large white glyphs with asymmetrical blue contours. Designers enlarged the first “M,” even though all the letters were uppercase. The text was slightly curved in an arch shape to match the overall dynamics.

What is Medaille College Mavericks?

Medaille College Mavericks is the sports department of Medaille College. After the institution gained university status in 2022, the teams began to be called simply Medaille Mavericks. They are based in Buffalo, New York, and participate in the Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference.

The main symbol of the sports department is the mustang – a wild horse from the American prairies. With this image, the designers wanted to show the strength, endurance, and persistence of athletes on their way to victory. The emblem had remained even after the major rebranding when changes were made to the Medaille College charter, turning it into Medaille University.

Font and Colors

Medaille College Mavericks Emblem

The bold block font used for the inscription “MEDAILLE COLLEGE MAVERICKS” featured large rectangular serifs. This made the text more expressive. To connect all the elements of visual identity, the designers presented the logo in the institution’s official colors: gold, dark blue, and light blue, adding white to them.

Medaille College Mavericks color codes

Cool BlackHex color:#002b5e
RGB:0 43 94
CMYK:100 54 0 63
Pantone:PMS 294 C
Blue GrayHex color:#619bcb
RGB:97 155 203
CMYK:52 24 0 20
Pantone:PMS 7688 C
Fluorescent OrangeHex color:#fcbe00
RGB:252 190 0
CMYK:0 25 100 1
Pantone:PMS 7549 C