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The emblem captivates the user and, like a funnel, pulls him inside the store. Here are easy-to-use, useful, and beautiful appliances for the home. Getting to know them, which the Media Markt logo offers, always ends with a purchase.

Media Markt: Brand overview

Founder:Leopold Stiefel, Walter Gunz, Erich Kellerhals, Helga Kellerhals
Ingolstadt, Germany
Media Markt is a German brand of stores selling home appliances and electronics in 14 countries. The network includes 850 stores with 350 thousand items of goods. As part of Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH, the brand is owned by Metro Cash&Carry, which operates its non-grocery business through its subsidiary Ceconomy AG (since 2017). Since its inception, Media Market has been headquartered in Ingolstadt.

Meaning and History

Media Markt Logo History

What is Media Markt?

It is an international hardware and electronics hypermarkets brand that appeared in Germany in 1979. Introduced in Turkey and European countries and owned by Metro Corporation.

Media Markt is the first German hypermarket to combine various home appliances and electronics in one store. The idea came to the owners of a small retail outlet – the Kellerhals married couple. They carried out the plan together with two partners. The first store opened before Christmas 1979. The revenue exceeded expectations, and over the next eight years, the team developed a network of 10 stores across the country. This attracted a large company called Kaufhof (future Metro), which bought a promising business in 1988. She distributed the markets around the world.

The brand’s first logo turned out to be successful, and for 40 years, it has hardly changed, apart from small touches added in 2006.

1979 – 2006

Media Markt Logo 1979

The development of the logo, like most of the marketing moves, was supervised by Walter Gunz (one of the four partners). The emblem consisted of an alphabetic part: the words Media Markt and an image – around a sign between the words. He united the two parts of the name and connected the technique and the market. For the 79th year, this was a revolutionary proposal.

Visually, the sign resembles:

  1. A large spiral funnel in which individual strips flow into (or out of) the center. She symbolized dynamics and movement. She embodied the main idea of ​​the store – appliances from different manufacturers from different countries under one roof. The equipment stood on special mobile pallets to be taken away directly from the hall. Goods from all over the world were first collected in the store and then distributed, creating an endless stream.
  2. Lollipop – nice sweet offers for customers. It was profitable to buy electronics in the market. Before buying, it was allowed to test. And if the buyer found the price lower, then the product was taken back, returning the money.
  3. Whirlwind – as a sign of emotions of surprise and joy from successful purchases in an unusual store.
  4. Hypnotic spiral – when visiting the store, eyes widened; customers were fascinated by so many products and returned.

The combination of white and red in the spiral meant two main areas – technology and electronics.

2006 – today

Media Markt Logo

When the 300th market was opened, the logo was slightly updated. The color scheme has become more saturated, marking globality and international expansion. And the central element merged with the two parts of the inscription, turning into a stylized dash between Media and Markt. Now the words indicate not just the direction of the stores but have become the name of the brand. The letters in words are also placed closer to each other, emphasizing the unification, merging into one name. The grouping made the logo more compact, making it easier to place it on signs and in printed publications.

In the updated logo, the funnel shows the interweaving of different sales channels, allowing stores to be flexible and convenient for their customers. In addition, the spiral indicates the unification of independent stores into one network. Each store is 10% owned by the manager. He decides which assortment will interest his consumers and forms an offer in his field. The whirlwind also indicates many services that markets provide, except for sales (delivery, maintenance, repair, disposal of goods).

In 2018-2020, Saturn stores, acquired by Media Markt in 1990, were renamed, Media Market.

Font and Colors

Media Markt Emblem

The main color of the emblem is red. Its appearance in the first logo was part of a marketing move and worked in tandem with bright advertising slogans and promotions.

Red symbolizes a progressive idea, hot offers, and the lowest prices. It indicates a large accumulation of goods and personifies the constant renewal of the assortment. All innovations in the field of technology immediately appear in Media Markt.

Media Markt Symbol

The saturated shade of the updated logo demonstrates leadership’s active opening of stores in other countries. It is in tune with the red stripe on the German flag, indicating the brand’s country of origin. It conveys the love of customers because, in a hypermarket, you can get acquainted with technology, compare, launch, open, choosing the best option for yourself.

The font corresponds to ITC Avant Garde Gothic Paneuropean Demi Oblique but tilted to the right with a stylized letter M.

Media Markt color codes

Cadmium RedHex color:#d9222a
RGB:217 34 42
CMYK:0 84 81 15
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C