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The Meetup logo is fun and friendly. The emblem is associated with groups that are passionate about one common cause. Everyone can join and become part of the chosen platform. The symbol indicates free communication and interesting activities.

Meetup: Brand overview

Founded:Jun 2002
United States
Meetup is an American internet platform designed to create online interest groups that host real or virtual events. It has an international level and is available in thirteen languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, Korean, Dutch, Japanese, Thai. The service was created in the spring of 2002 by businessman Scott Heiferman and four other co-founders. It is now owned by AlleyCorp, a venture capital fund, and is headquartered in New York, USA.

Meaning and History

Meetup Logo History

The online platform’s formation was triggered by the sad events of September 11, 2001, when the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers was carried out. Six months after the incident, influenced by Robert D. Putnam’s “Bowling Alone,” an Internet entrepreneur decided to create a unique service. Its purpose is to unite people with similar interests and to organize joint meetings to solve thematic issues. Meetings can be held in person or virtually.

Now it is a branched service with over thirty categories and a recognizable logo. The most sought-after destinations are adventure and outdoor activities, career and business, parents and family. Particular growth in the site’s popularity was observed in 2004 when the US presidential candidate Howard Dean used it for his election tasks. He repeatedly used it and advertised it on his website, so the logo became recognizable everywhere.

After gaining sufficient prominence, the online service was monetized: in 2005, it began to charge fees from interest groups’ organizers. And in 2009, the Internet platform used Hackathon for the first time to introduce new features, subject to the unanimous support of colleagues. In 2013, Meetup expanded with Dispatch’s acquisition, and in 2014 it underwent a massive DDoS attack sponsored by competitors.

In 2017, the service and its logo became part of WeWork, which resold the AlleyCorp venture fund project in early 2020. Having passed to a new owner, the service has not lost its identity and main function, remaining a platform for virtual or personal events under an authentic logo. In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, its popularity increased even more: from March to October 2020 alone, it hosted over one million online meetings and discussions.

What is Meetup?

Meetup is a social network that helps people find like-minded individuals. It connects people passionate about travel, sports, cooking, programming, and other activities. Users can join interest groups to meet in real life at various events. The online service was launched in 2002 and was acquired by coworking space provider WeWork in 2017.

2002 – 2016

Meetup Logo 2002-2016

The debut logo consisted of the “meetup” lettering, despite the same size, in mixed case: the first letter in the upper, the rest in the lower. The symbols were uneven as if drawn by hand: the sides of the same sign’s height varied greatly. For example, “M” had the right side longer and taller than the left. Also, the “t” had the shape of an extended plus (+), and the “u” lacked a tail, which made it resemble “v.” The name of the service was written in black letters on a white background.

2016 – today

Meetup Logo 2016-present

After the 2016 redesign, the logo of the online platform has become much friendlier. To emphasize customer focus, the service started using a pastel pink logo. Not only the color has changed, but also the style of the text. Now all letters are in lowercase, and “meetup” looks like a sloppy handwritten word. In this way, the emblem emphasizes the general availability of the service for professional purposes and just for hobbies. The characters are still chaotic, as if in fast or hesitant handwriting. Moreover, each of them has a different slope: “m” is shifted to the right, “p” is only slightly tilted, “t” and “u” are located exactly, and two “e” are directed to the left.

Meetup: Interesting Facts

Meetup, launched in 2002 by Scott Heiferman, Matt Meeker, and Peter Kamali, helps people find and join local groups with shared interests, strengthening communities.

  1. Starting Point: The founders were inspired by the unity seen after the September 11 attacks, aiming to use the internet to bring people together physically.
  2. Growth: Meetup quickly became a major platform for real-life gatherings, hosting millions of members and thousands of groups across various interests worldwide.
  3. Ownership Changes: WeWork bought Meetup in 2017 to enhance its community focus but sold it in 2020 to AlleyCorp and investors as it shifted business strategies.
  4. Variety of Interests: The platform supports groups for nearly any interest, from outdoor adventures and tech to music and language learning.
  5. Worldwide Expansion: Originally from New York City, Meetup now operates globally, facilitating community building in cities everywhere.
  6. Adapting to COVID-19: The pandemic limited physical gatherings, so Meetup pivoted to virtual meetings, keeping communities connected during tough times.
  7. Meetup Pro: This service offers tools for organizations to manage groups, track engagement, and gather insights. It is useful for businesses, non-profits, and schools.
  8. Personal and Professional Benefits: Users have found friends, support networks, and job opportunities and developed new skills through Meetup.
  9. A Tool for Good: Beyond networking, Meetup is a platform for social activism and support, with groups focused on various social causes and community support.
  10. Constant Improvement: Meetup adds new features to improve users’ finding and managing groups, like better search tools and customizable pages.

Meetup shows how technology can unite people through face-to-face interactions based on common interests, positively affecting worldwide personal, professional, and community life.

Font and Colors

Meetup Emblem

The first letter from the “meetup” caption also forms an individual icon in which all colors are reversed: instead of pink, white is used, and vice versa. The icon looks exactly like the main logo, only in a single format. The lowercase “m” legs’ thickness is not the same, and the end of the latter goes much lower than the main border. The letter’s background is a spot in the form of a cloud with semicircular protrusions along the edges, surrounded by many points of different diameters.

For the emblem of the commercial service, the owners chose a custom font. The first version resembles brush strokes; in the second – an imitation of handwritten text. In both cases, the letters have a unique style. This is especially true for “m” (it has different leg thicknesses and tilt to the right), “ee” (they are not identical and directed to the left), “t” (resembles a plus sign or a cross with a low crossbar), “u” (looks like a Roman figure “v”).

Meetup Symbol

The corporate palette consists of black (used for the debut logo) and pastel pink # f63e60 (used for the icon and the current emblem).

Meetup color codes

AlizarinHex color:#ed1c40
RGB:237 28 64
CMYK:0 88 73 7
Pantone:PMS 185 C