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MenaJet: Brand overview

MenaJet was founded in 2003 in Beirut, Lebanon, as a private business jet charter company. Its establishment was a joint venture between Saudi Arabia’s Al Zamil Group and Bahrain’s Gulf Finance House.

In 2007, MenaJet underwent a major transformation from a private charter company to a commercial airline. This transformation was marked by the launch of scheduled passenger flights from Beirut to various Middle Eastern destinations, with Beirut-Dubai being the first commercial route.

Over time, MenaJet expanded into new territories, extending its network to prominent cities such as Riyadh, Jeddah, and Cairo. The flights utilized a modest fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft.

MenaJet positioned itself as a boutique airline specializing in luxury services on regional flights throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Its primary target market was primarily business travelers.

Despite its unique selling proposition, MenaJet faced financial difficulties and failed to reach profitability. The airline struggled to remain financially viable due to high operating costs, skyrocketing fuel prices, and stiff competition from well-established Gulf carriers.

By 2009, MenaJet was forced to permanently cease operations after only two years of commercial operations due to huge debts and losses. During its short existence, MenaJet served more than half a million passengers throughout the Middle East, but attempts to reorganize and revive the airline proved futile.

Meaning and History

MenaJet Logo History

2003 – 2009

MenaJet Logo

The name MenaJet comes from an Arabic word meaning “port,” and this concept is reflected in the logo. For those unfamiliar with Arabic, the sign consisting of triple lines may seem like a simple pattern. It is actually a stylized inscription of the Arabic word “مينا” in a unique design and turned diagonally. This symbolizes the company’s presence in the Mediterranean region. On the left, the word “menajet” is written in lowercase italics. The designers divided it into two parts, using different shades of blue for “mena” and “jet.” Below it is the slogan “pure travel,” typed in a font with rectangular serifs.

Using different shades of blue conveys different aspects of the airline’s identity. The dark blue color for the word “mena” is associated with depth and reliability, while the light blue for “jet” signifies innovation and modernity. The rectangular serifs in the slogan “pure travel” give the slogan a modern yet structured look, probably aiming to convey a sense of organized and relaxed travel.