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The Men’s Health logo is stylish and slender. The emblem stretches upwards, pointing to an audience striving for a respectable and healthy lifestyle. The sign represents a publication that covers all topics of interest to modern men.

Men’s Health: Brand overview

New York City, United States
Men’s Health is a major American men’s publishing brand under whose jurisdiction are 35 monthly local versions of a men’s health and lifestyle magazine. It is printed in 59 countries with a circulation of 1.8 million copies. The magazine is owned by Hearst Communications, Inc.

Meaning and History

Men's Health Logo History

The magazine’s first issue was released in 1986 as a trial copy. Regular publishing began in 1988. Interestingly, the now famous Men’s Health logo appeared ten years later when the magazine grew and expanded. Since its inception, the emblem has remained unchanged. It reflects a broad coverage of the male audience, the importance of topics discussed in the publications, and their credibility.

What is Men’s Health?

It’s a men’s publication popular in sixty countries. It covers travel, food, sports, finances, and technology for men from their perspective. The magazine has over 22 million readers, and its website attracts 118 million male readers per month. The main readers of the magazine are working men aged 25-35 with higher education and a high income (about 50%).

1998 – today

Mens Health Logo

The magazine’s emblem consists of the title in capital letters. Red or black variants are used on covers in different months.

The magazine’s name is associated with the fact that initially, the publication was intended to cover men’s health topics. Over time, the sections significantly expanded, covering culture, fashion, and sports. However, the name was preserved for recognizability. Now it reflects the metaphorical meaning of the word “health,” implying not only physical but also mental, sexual, and professional health and overall a healthy lifestyle.

The large letters indicate the magazine’s reach. Its first editor was Michael J. Lafavore, and in the first ten years, he achieved amazing results, increasing circulation 15 times to 1.5 million and starting the magazine’s release in Russia, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, and European countries. By the time he left, 21 international editions had been launched. This growth and distribution were captured in the logo.

Font and Colors

The main color of the emblem is black. The color speaks to the scale and domination over competitors. Now, the magazine is the largest in the world in its field and is in the top ten largest publications in the U.S.

The font is very similar to Rabenau Pro Poster Condensed but with even more rounded, inward-curving elements. The choice reflects a focus on the individuality of men, their views, desires, and hobbies. Wide glyphs demonstrate a confident, firm position. The publication’s circulation of 1.8 million copies exceeds its closest American competitor, GQ, almost twofold, and Esquire by 2.5 times.

Smooth elements with serifs indicate style. The magazine teaches men how to fit into this world while maintaining individuality.

Men’s Health color codes

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