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Whoever created the MeowChat logo wanted to show softness and playfulness to attract new users. This corresponds to the concept of a platform for communication and dating. In addition, the emblem symbolizes friendliness and a pleasant atmosphere that helps to relax.

MeowChat: Brand overview
MeowChat is a multilingual telephone communication and dating platform. Allows you to send instant messages, audio, video messages, photos, and make calls. Chat in pairs or groups. Among the convenient platform tools: are money transactions (WeChat), text translation, photo processing, and messaging. The program has versions for smartphones and iPhones. It covers users from 130 countries.

Meaning and History

MeowChat Symbol

The program is derived from the cloud storage service Since the creation of the messenger, its logo has not changed, as it fully reflects the platform’s name.

The head of the logo is a cat’s head, which is stylized as a pop-up message. Small ponytail evidence this in the lower left part of the head. Visually, an animal’s muzzle resembles a sticker or a picture from the animal emoticons section in the messenger. All this points to the theme of social networks and communication.

What is MeowChat?

Social chat for new acquaintances and communication with friends. It is installed on Android and iOS.

The image of a cat was chosen for the logo, not by chance. The reason was the global popularity of a pet. The animal’s ” character ” reflected the basic principles of the new network also mattered.

  • The cat is a symbol of friendliness. Meow-chat stands out among other messengers of the ability to constantly expand your social circle. He allows new acquaintances: romantic, friendly, and business. Contacts by interests. The smile on the face of the cat from the logo supports the idea of ​​friendliness.
  • The cat is freedom-loving. He “walks by himself” and does not like pressure and instructions. Like chat users, they retain their individuality, belong to different cultures, and communicate only when they want to. When entering the messenger, you can choose to communicate with one person or group correspondence, contact people in the city of residence, or the whole world.
  • Cats are loved for their purring and sweetness. They create a feeling of home and comfort. The chat has a friendly atmosphere. Users can enter the program without leaving home.
  • Cats are curious. They always look with interest through open doors and explore new spaces. So the platform users can enter different rooms in which people are united according to the principle of proximity to residence or interests. By clicking on the map of a cat sitting in a certain country or city, you can go to a new community.

The color of the wool of the main character of the chat is red. It personifies playfulness, good mood, and new acquaintances.

The pet head in the logo also indicates that the entire app is stylized as cats. They are permanent characters in the application. The animals portray endearing helpers for sending letters and creating chats by wearing various outfits.

Below the image of the cat on the emblem is the name of the chat: MeowChat. The word is written in continuous lowercase rounded letters. The absence of a capital letter creates a feeling of openness, simplicity, and closeness. It is easy to get acquainted and communicate in the application.

Meow – the sound of attracting attention. It is associated with the word “Hi.”

Font and Colors

MeowChat Emblem

All elements of the logo are made in orange. This is a shade of comfort, goodwill, and care. Symbolizes friendship. With the help of chat, people maintain and create new warm relationships and are interested in each other’s lives. Support friends and share interesting events and pleasant memories.

MeowChat color codes

Golden OchreHex color:#ffc94b
RGB:255 201 75
CMYK:0 21 71 0
Pantone:PMS 123 C
Deep SaffronHex color:#ffa23a
RGB:255 162 58
CMYK:0 36 77 0
Pantone:PMS 1375 C
CoralHex color:#ff7d49
RGB:255 125 73
CMYK:0 51 71 0
Pantone:PMS 1645 C
Portland OrangeHex color:#fe5433
RGB:254 84 51
CMYK:0 67 80 0
Pantone:PMS 172 C