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Metro Logo
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Metro is an American commercial publication distributed free of charge on public transport. It first appeared in the United States in 1904. It received its current name in 1975.

Meaning and History

Metro Symbol

In the beginning, the newspaper had a different name: since 1904, it was known as Electric Traction Weekly. In 1932 it was renamed Electric Traction and Bus Journal. Three years later, in 1935, it became Mass Transportation.

In 1961, the periodical had its modern roots – Metropolitan Transportation, and in 1965 it was named Metropolitan. And finally, in 1975, the newspaper got its current name, shortened to Metro. All this time, the brand name has evolved along with it.

The tabloid newspaper logo is textual. It consists of a title written in rounded lowercase letters. The font is simple and strict, has no serifs or altered characters.

The only graphic element is a globe used instead of the last “O.” Depending on the newspaper’s topic; this letter can be disguised as something else – for example, a soccer ball, as in the sports chronicle section. The globe is lined with characteristic meridians and parallels of equal thickness.

Traditional stylization is used in all corporate spheres – in a newspaper, magazine, TV channel, etc. The only difference is in the form. A magazine and newspaper sign is a white rectangle with rounded corners and black text; in other divisions, a mark in a circular frame is used.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Metro Emblem

Metro color palette is a classic combination of white-black and white-green. Moreover, the letters can be either light or dark, placed on a green or black background.