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Metro World News Logo, following a redesign, adopted a slightly brighter color palette and adjusted its layout. The globe, a key feature of the emblem, was relocated to the left of the typography. The term “Metro World News” is featured in a well-proportioned sans-serif typeface that exudes a lighter, more streamlined aesthetic.

This emblem of the news organization subtly communicates its brand message through its design elements. The globe image, positioned on the left, underscores the company’s global coverage and focus, emphasizing their commitment to delivering worldwide news stories.

The lighter color scheme used in the revamped logo of this news outlet suggests an approachability and ease of access to the content. The lighter shades might be intended to create a sense of openness, inviting the audience to engage with the news content.

The light, streamlined font of the “Metro World News” lettering subtly communicates the brand’s commitment to clarity and readability. The simple, full-shaped sans-serif font conveys the brand’s desire for transparency and straightforward communication, central to their journalistic mission.

The positioning and design of the elements in the logo express the brand’s commitment to delivering global news in an accessible, clear, and straightforward manner. The Metro World News emblem represents the brand’s global perspective, approachability, and commitment to clear communication.

Metro World News: Brand overview

Founder:AB Custos

Metro World News, founded in Sweden and now headquartered in Luxembourg, is a global media powerhouse renowned for its Metro newspapers. As a publishing stalwart, it has managed to cultivate a vast readership, largely by engaging audiences with an eclectic mix of news, entertainment, and lifestyle content.

Established with the vision of creating a compact, readily accessible newspaper for the urban commuter, it rapidly gained popularity across the globe. It further extended its reach by adapting to the digital era, thus managing to stay relevant and maintain its broad-based appeal. This media firm has grown from its Swedish roots to become a globally recognized media player, an achievement attributable to its adaptability and commitment to providing comprehensive news coverage.

Meaning and History

Metro World News Logo History

Turning to brand identity, Metro World News places a significant emphasis on accessibility and relevance. The brand is well-known for delivering content in a concise, straightforward manner that appeals to the time-strapped urbanite. This approach reflects the firm’s understanding of its core readership and its commitment to meeting its needs effectively.

The visual identity of the brand complements this ethos. The Metro logo, usually displayed in bold, easily recognizable typeface, reflects the brand’s straightforward and reliable approach. Its vibrant color scheme, typically red and white, symbolizes urgency and purity of information, resonating with its promise of providing timely and unbiased news.

Taken together, this global media company has positioned itself as a trusted, accessible source of news for the urban reader. Its brand identity aligns with its mission, projecting an image of reliability, relevance, and timeliness that has earned it a loyal and wide-ranging audience. Its success underscores the power of understanding one’s audience and tailoring both content and brand identity to meet their specific needs.

What is Metro World News?

Metro World News, founded in 1995 by investment firm AB Custos, is a global newspaper company headquartered in Luxembourg. It quickly gained recognition for its unique distribution model, offering free daily newspapers to commuters and city dwellers around the world. Metro World News has editions in multiple languages and operates in several countries, making it one of the largest international newspaper organizations. The company provides a mix of local, national, and international news, as well as entertainment, sports, and lifestyle content.

1995 – 2020

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2020 – today

Metro World News Logo

Metro World News color codes

Spanish GreenHex color:#269655
RGB:38 150 85
CMYK:75 0 43 41
Pantone:PMS 7482 C