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The logo of Mexicana de Aviación is filled with internal dynamism, expressed through smooth and flowing lines. This represents the energy that enables the airline to dominate the skies of Mexico. The gentle curves are associated with safety, inspiring trust in this aviation industry innovator.

Mexicana de Aviación: Brand overview

Mexicana de Aviación, a pioneer in the Mexican aviation industry, has been providing exceptional service for nearly a century. Since its founding in 1921, Mexicana has consistently set standards of excellence, solidifying its position as Mexico’s leading airline.

Founded by Don Antonio Diaz Lombardo and a group of visionary Mexican businessmen, Mexicana de Aviación made history with its first flight in October 1921. Beginning as a mail carrier between Mexico City and Veracruz, the airline quickly expanded its operations to include passenger flights and became a key player in the aviation industry.

During the 1920s and 1930s, Mexicana de Aviación changed air transportation in Mexico. It played a key role in the development of commercial aviation, connecting major cities and tourist centers with its expanding route network.

In 1954, Mexicana created a sensation in the aviation industry by becoming the first airline outside Europe and the United States to operate jet aircraft. With the introduction of the Caravelle jets, Mexicana took air transportation to a new level, offering passengers increased efficiency, comfort, and an unrivaled in-flight experience.

During the 1960s and 1970s, Mexicana de Aviación experienced unprecedented growth and took a bold leap by expanding to international destinations. The airline connected Mexico with the United States, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America, promoting tourism and trade between Mexico and other countries.

By joining the Oneworld alliance in 1999, Mexicana expanded its global market presence.

In the early 2000s, Mexicana faced challenges. Increased competition, rising operating costs, and an unstable economic situation brought the airline to the brink. In 2010, Mexicana was forced to suspend operations and file for bankruptcy due to mounting debt.

In January 2023, the Mexican federal government announced the revitalization of Mexicana de Aviación Airlines.

Meaning and History

Mexicana de Aviación Logo History

What is Mexicana de Aviación?

Mexicana de Aviación, often referred to as Mexicana, has a rich history that dates back to 1921. It is Mexico’s oldest airline and one of the most enduring single-brand airlines worldwide. The airline began as an airmail service and then began operating passenger flights.

1940 – 1968

Mexicana de Aviación Logo 1940

The old logo of Mexicana de Aviación reflects the country’s aviation heritage. Its central element is a white silhouette of Mexico positioned in the middle of a large dark blue circle, representing the globe and symbolizing the airline’s global presence.

A semi-circular outline adds dynamism to the emblem and stylistically matches the white “MEXICANA” inscription. The word is in a simple sans-serif font. The geometric, grotesque style conveys a sense of strictness, respectability, and seriousness, highlighting the brand’s prestige.

Above the globe soars a large golden eagle with a wide wing composed of many parallel stripes. Its elongated shape creates a sense of swift motion associated with high-speed airplanes. The sharp, curved beak shows the company’s intention to defend its status as Mexico’s leading national carrier. Additionally, the eagle reflects cultural context, as it is the country’s official bird.

The logo’s blue color is linked to the sky and emotional aspects. It embodies calmness, safety, and consistency, which is particularly important for an aviation brand.

1968 – 1990

Mexicana de Aviación Logo 1968

The redesigned emblem symbolizes the future of the aviation industry. Its minimalism reflects a modern spirit, representing Mexicana de Aviación’s commitment to progress and development. The rich black color emphasizes the company’s business image. The reimagined eagle is styled in a completely new way, consisting of two elements forming a triangle-like shape with a cut-off top.

  • The first fragment, a trapezoid with a hook, depicts the head and beak.
  • The second part represents the tail and downward-pointing wings. Together, they form a stylized “M,” the first letter of the brand name.

The straight silhouette of the eagle conveys resilience and confidence. This contrasts with the slanted font of the word “mexicana,” written in bold geometric italics. This style suggests swiftly flying airplanes and rapid customer service. The glyphs have sharp angles rather than rounded edges, indicating the brand’s steadfastness and stability.

A different font is used for the slogan “The airline most people fly to Mexico,” placed beneath the company name. This phrase is discreet, in small letters with thin serifs, but it holds significant meaning for the company, positioning itself as the country’s leading airline.

1990 – 2008

Mexicana de Aviación Logo 1990

The brand has restored its logo to the familiar dark blue color associated with the sky. Instead of a slogan, a long horizontal stripe runs along all the elements. This stripe emphasizes the importance of the company’s activities and acts as a speed line, creating a sense of fast flight at high speed.

The emblem featuring a stylized golden eagle has been slightly modified: the bird’s head now faces right, symbolizing a forward-looking future. This small detail reflects the carrier’s determination. The font also looks more serious and presentable now, as uppercase letters have replaced the lowercase ones. The letters have rounded corners, indicating the company’s openness and customer orientation.

2008 – 2010

Mexicana de Aviación Logo

The Mexicana de Aviacion logo fits seamlessly into the airplane’s tail section, creating a cohesive and visually appealing brand image. It features a diagonally elongated stripe with a solid base, forming the backdrop for a bird depicted in negative space. With a distinct head and sharp beak, the bird’s silhouette stands against a blue geometric figure. A small dark blue triangle adds depth and dimension.

Below this visual, the airline’s name appears in a unique font that combines lowercase vowels with uppercase consonants, creating an intriguing typographic balance. The connected letters “e” and “x” in “Mexicana” add a distinctive touch, while the pointed letter “I” enhances the design. This combination of letterforms provides a blend of formality and approachability, appealing to a diverse range of passengers.

The bird in negative space symbolizes the airline’s commitment to freedom, speed, and reaching new heights, embodying the spirit of flight. The dark blue triangle accentuates the logo’s dynamic shape, reinforcing its modern and forward-thinking aesthetic. The unique typographic choices make the logo visually engaging, highlighting the airline’s distinct corporate identity.

The logo’s use of blue tones evokes a sense of trust and reliability, essential qualities in the aviation industry. The sleek design and thoughtful placement of each element demonstrate meticulous attention to detail, reflecting the airline’s dedication to providing a high-quality travel experience.