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The Miami (Ohio) Redhawks logo creates a recognizable visual image, showing the connection between sports teams and the university they belong to. It also symbolizes energy, passion, perseverance, and strength – qualities needed for victory in competitions.

Miami (Ohio) Redhawks: Brand overview

Oxford, Ohio, U.S.
The Miami (Ohio) Redhawks belong to one of the oldest public educational institutions in the U.S. – Miami University. The history of the teams began in 1888 with the introduction of a football program. Then, students began to practice other sports, including baseball, basketball, hockey, softball, golf, and track and field. In the early decades, they played under various nicknames: Reds and Whites, Big Reds, and Miami Boys. In 1931, the name Redskins became attached to the teams, but after 65 years, it had to be changed due to Native American dissatisfaction.

Meaning and History

Miami (Ohio) Redhawks Logo History

Until 1997, Miami Redhawks were known as Redskins and used logos featuring images of Native Americans. They got this name in honor of the indigenous people who lived on the territory of what is now the state of Ohio and were forced to leave their lands in 1795, signing the Treaty of Greenville. Fourteen years later, Miami University was built on that spot.

In 1928, advertising director P.J. McGinnis decided to emphasize the connection of the university with the Native American tribe by naming its teams the “Big Red-Skinned Warriors.” This nickname was mentioned in the school newspaper. And in 1931, the name Redskins became attached to the athletes, first appearing in the annual Recensio. Around the same time, a logo featuring the head of a Native American began to be used – first on the cheerleaders’ uniforms and then around the campus. The elders of the Miami tribe maintained close relations with the university and did not object to its symbols. Chiefs even helped create authentic Native American attributes for the sports mascot.

The emblem’s design changed several times until the most famous version appeared: a realistic head of a Native American next to the letter ‘M.’ This happened against the backdrop of active attempts by the National Congress of American Indians to prohibit educational institutions from using identities with stereotypical images of Native Americans. Nonetheless, the Miami tribe approved several directives approving the name and logo of Miami University’s teams (in 1972 and 1991). The chiefs changed their minds only in 1996. They called for the abandonment of the offensive nickname Redskins but allowed the logo with the Native American head to remain, considering it “respectful and dignified.”

The Board of Trustees decided to rename the teams, despite the indignation of many alums and sponsors. The name Miami Tribe was supposed to be used initially, but the final choice was Redhawks. Since then, the sports logos have contained the image of a bird of prey. And in 2012, a symbol in the form of a red ‘M’ appeared – a reference to the teams’ historical heritage.

What is Miami (Ohio) Redhawks?

Miami (Ohio) Redhawks are teams from Miami University, which was named after the tribe of Native Americans from the state of Ohio. They participate in NCAA Division I, and almost all are members of the Mid-American Conference. The hockey players compete in the NCHC and the football players in the FBS.

1956 – 1973

Miami (Ohio) Redhawks Logo 1956

The logo features a silhouette of a person performing a ritual dance. He freezes in an unusual pose, kneeling on one leg, bending his head forward, and folding his hands behind his back. The artists portrayed him as one large dark red spot but supplemented the drawing with elements that make it clear that this is a North American Indian: with a tomahawk and a headdress with feathers.

1973 – 1983

Miami (Ohio) Redhawks Logo 1973

The appearance of the dancing Indian changed. Now he stands, lifting one leg and swinging his arms with weapons. The red silhouette has acquired white details, through which you can recognize the outlines of muscles, clothes, and shoes.

1983 – 1997

Miami (Ohio) Redhawks Logo 1983

The logo with the black and white head of an Indian is a stylized version of a portrait drawn by the artist John Ruthven at the request of the university. The original painting was created after consultation with the Miami tribe and was inspired by the appearance of Chief Little Turtle from the Wea branch. He is depicted with long dark hair, two feathers, and a choker. On the sports teams’ emblem, the head is supplemented with a large red letter “M” with rectangular serifs.

1997 – 2010

Miami (Ohio) Redhawks Logo 1997

In 1997, the Redskins were renamed to Redhawks. A specially created committee collaborated with a consulting firm that has extensive experience in developing logos for universities and sports brands. It was originally planned to preserve elements from the previous emblem, but the final version is fundamentally different.

The central image is a red hawk with a white chest. He sits, spreading his wings wide and clutching a black ribbon with the inscription “RedHawks.” In the background is a brick arch in the shape of an inverted letter “U.” Its peak is adorned with the large white word “MIAMI” and the small “UNIVERSITY.”

2010 – 2012

Miami (Ohio) Redhawks Logo 2010

After refining the logo, the team’s name was shifted down. It is divided into two lines with center alignment. The first word is typed in large white letters with triangular serifs, and the second is black italic glyphs with an individual design. Above is a picture of a hawk’s head, which is menacingly looking to the left.

2012 – today

Miami (Ohio) Redhawks Logo

In 2012, the Miami (Ohio) Redhawks introduced an emblem in the form of a large red letter “M,” outlined with a black contour. Its angular shape with sharp serifs symbolizes dynamism, energy, and determination. This is a reflection of the bold playing style of sports teams.

Font and Colors

Miami (Ohio) Redhawks Emblem

The “M” on the logo has an individual design. It was created using lettering specifically for the Redhawks. The developers made it bold and decorated it with trapezoidal serifs.

The team’s official colors are white and red. They were once used by two literary organizations of the university, founded in 1825: the Union Society and the Erodelphian Society. Nevertheless, on the logo, red is combined not with white but with black.

Miami (Ohio) Redhawks Symbol

Miami (Ohio) Redhawks color codes

Crimson GloryHex color:#b61e2e
RGB:182 30 46
CMYK:0 84 75 29
Pantone:PMS 1795 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C