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Business approach and teamwork is the main theme of the Microsoft Teams logo. The hues and symbols of the emblem create an office atmosphere, illustrate employees and documents, and give the user a sense of order and confidence.

Microsoft Teams: Brand overview

Founded:March 14, 2017
United States
Microsoft Teams is a dedicated platform for supporting working relationships in teams or alone. It is part of Microsoft 365 software and is developed by a company of the same name. The service offers a lot of opportunities for online business communication. Within its framework, video conferencing, file storage, chat support, exchange of materials, organization of meetings, timing control, testing, and much more are available. It exists in 45 languages ​​and is compatible with several operating systems: Windows, Android, Linux, iOS, macOS. The preliminary launch of the service took place in 2016, the final one – in the spring of 2017.

Meaning and History

Microsoft Teams Logo History

The core of this desktop app is Electron digital technology, powered by GitHub. It combines the JavaScript Node.js framework and the Chromium rendering service. Therefore, Teams is a great replacement for other similar business messaging and real-time collaboration programs. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many business teams switched to this form of work and moved most meetings to a virtual environment.

In March 2017, developers actively experimented with Microsoft Teams, and in May announced that it would replace Classroom in Office 365. A year later, the parent company offered a free option with advanced communications, unlimited users, and large storage for storing batch files.

At the beginning of 2019, the parent company made an important update to simplify the interaction between members of the same group. It improved the program’s compatibility with different types of personal computers, thereby improving and popularizing the working platform just before the outbreak of the pandemic. Now her logos are familiar to teams from all over the world. And Microsoft Teams has only two of them.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a specialized work environment for team collaboration on various projects. It combines chat, notes, attachments, appointments, and correspondence. It is a software product of Microsoft.

2016 – 2019

Microsoft Teams Logo 2016-2019

The opening emblem contained three graphic elements: one square turned sideways and two vertical semi-ovals with large dots. The first symbolized a virtual worksite, the rest – people who used the services of this service. On the trapezoidal geometric shape was the letter “T” – the first character from the word “Teams.” The members of the team were depicted behind the flat structure. According to the spatial perspective, the figures were descending and the near elements were larger, and the distant ones were smaller. The body was cut vertical ovals, the head – disproportionately large points.

2019 – today

Microsoft Teams Logo 2019-present

After the recent update of the virtual platform, the designers offered a different identity. They started revising the logo back in November 2018, and in January 2019, they already approved the modern version. The developers have replaced the trapezoidal background of the letter “T” with a square with rounded corners. Moreover, they reduced it and placed it straight, and the semi-ovals located further, on the contrary, increased and made it rounded along the contour. Head points now appear proportional to bodies. The authors added some new shades to the purple palette and formed shadows on the square’s right side.

Font and Colors

Microsoft Teams Emblem

In this case, we should talk about two versions of the same logo. Because, firstly, it retains the same concept, and secondly, it consists of similar elements. Even the arrangement of parts is the same. The only difference is in the nuances that are not reflected in the ideological content: Teams are a working platform for everyone.

Microsoft Teams Symbol

For the single letter, the designers used Sans Serif, a classic, sleek, angular typeface. But the logo palette is exclusive, which is rarely used for such a theme. It is purple of several types. The emblem’s early version is painted in a rich shade of # 5457b1, the current one in three different shades. The square is dark purple # 444cb7, the first figure of the “man” is light amethyst # 7c84ec, the second is purple # 4f58ca.

Microsoft Teams color codes

Tropical IndigoHex color:#7c84ec
RGB:124 132 236
CMYK:47 44 0 7
Pantone:PMS 2715 C
IrisHex color:#5457b1
RGB:84 87 177
CMYK:53 51 0 31
Pantone:PMS 2725 C
Byzantine BlueHex color:#4f58ca
RGB:79 88 207
CMYK:61 56 0 21
Pantone:PMS 2726 C
Violet BlueHex color:#444cb7
RGB:68 76 183
CMYK:63 58 0 28
Pantone:PMS 2726 C

How do I make Microsoft teams an icon?

It is necessary to select the Management option, go to Settings, and then to Team Picture, press Change picture and Load picture. Then go to the folder where the image is located, find it, and click Open. The custom character appears.

Can I use Microsoft teams logo?

The logo for this Microsoft service is authorized for use by that company’s trademark guidelines. Anything else is prohibited.

How do I get Microsoft logo?

To get the Microsoft logo, you need to become a user of one of the programs of this company. Then it will appear automatically along with the digital product. Otherwise, a license is required.

Does Microsoft have a new logo?

Yes, Microsoft has a new logo. It was adopted in 2012 and had a tiled design and a corporate color palette that unites its services.