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The Milky Way logo is sweet and refreshing at the same time. The emblem tells a story of rejuvenation and increased energy levels, reflecting the core properties of the candy bar. The sign is a sea of chocolate, evoking pleasant taste associations and the desire to try the candy.

Milky Way: Brand overview

Founder:Mars Incorporated
United States

Milky Way is the first American chocolate bar produced by Mars for over 100 years. There are two versions of the treat. The original American recipe consists of nougat covered in caramel and milk chocolate. For the rest of the world, the sweet sensation consists of light nougat in chocolate. The difference is due to the separation of the business into American and European branches from 1932 to 1964 due to family disputes.

Meaning and History

Milky Way Logo History

The brand’s logo has undergone several transformations over time. However, the overall concept has remained consistent, which is related to having a single owner for 100 years and long-standing family affiliation. The brand’s emblems are full of life, energy, and strength, which fill the candy bars and those who consume them. All elements resonate with the properties of the components and the taste qualities of the treat.

What is Milky Way?

A brand of sweets under which various countries worldwide produce sweet candy bars, mini chocolate, Magic Stars chocolate stars, and crispy rolls. It belongs to Mars, Inc.

1923 -1972

Milky Way Logo 1923

The first candy bar logo consists of the name written in green cursive font. The brand name is derived from the following:

  • Our galaxy – the Milky Way. The candy indeed enjoys cosmic popularity and is sold virtually worldwide. The invention of the candy bars was a breakthrough for our galaxy.
  • Milk, which is included in the nougat and outer coating. Hence the company’s most popular slogan: “Milk is twice as tasty if it’s a Milky Way.”
  • A cocktail with the same name. According to legend, Frank Mars took the candy bar recipe from a drink his son liked. The company often refers to this interpretation of the name.

The connection of letters in the brand name represents the elastic, stretching mass of the creamy inner filling. All symbols are round with smooth curls, hinting at sweetness, softness, and a pleasant taste.

The choice of green color is associated with the theme of life and vital energy. Initially, the candy bars were considered a children’s treat and a good snack during lunch breaks for workers. The sweet replenished energy and brought inspiration to accomplish complex tasks.

This theme was also linked to the first advertisement, where a sailor survived a shipwreck thanks to the strength gained from eating the candy.

The upward lift of the logo is a common technique for embodying growth and development. For Milky Way, this is especially true, as it was due to the candy bar that Mars went from losses to revenues of 700,000 dollars within two years.

1972 – 1991

Milky Way Logo 1972

The founder’s grandchildren began managing the corporation. They brought a fresh approach to the marketing of the released brands, including the Milky Way logo. The new sign became closer to the actual candy bar.

The inscription was placed on a white stripe surrounded by a brown foundation. The white part symbolized nougat and milk, while the brown represented the chocolate coating.

The letters of the inscription were made more slender. At the same time, M and W were displayed as mirrored, identical symbols. This technique demonstrated the chocolate coating on top and bottom. The two curves spoke of the two types of recipes and the two coating layers.

1991 – 1999

Milky Way Logo 1991

The company focused on the benefits of the candy bar. To this end, instead of cocoa butter in the recipe, they used caprenin (a low-calorie product made from glycerin and fatty acids). This innovation was reflected in the logo with the help of a salad green color, symbolizing a new beginning and young, healthy greens. The light shade indicated a reduction in calories. All other techniques, such as the connection of letters and smooth lines, remained.

1999 – today

Milky Way Logo

On the eve of the 21st century, the visual identity was updated. In the new logo, the salad green inscription was placed on a background of liquid chocolate, making the image more thematic and understandable. Chocolate evokes associations with sweetness, indicating that the subject is a candy.

The company has not changed the theme of life, chosen as the concept of the product, since the beginning of production. This is evidenced by the advertising slogan Life’s better the Milky Way and the green shade of the emblem’s letters.

The name’s font has changed – it has become straight and even, bringing the inscription closer to the rectangular shape typical of the candy.

The white substrate under the name is a symbol of milk.

Font and Colors

The colors of the logo embody both the composition of the product and its properties.

  • Green – life-affirming shade. It shows replenishment of strength, active life, and health benefits. It predicts the development and prosperity of the product.
  • White – the color of milk and dairy products central to the recipe. It demonstrates lightness and low calories.
  • Brown – the shade of caramel and chocolate. It is associated with desserts and pleasure.

The font is similar to Ligurino SemiCond Bold.

Milky Way color codes

Forest GreenHex color:#008800
RGB:0 136 0
CMYK:100 0 100 47
Pantone:PMS 354 C
Crimson RedHex color:#920000
RGB:146 0 0
CMYK:0 100 100 43
Pantone:PMS 7626 C
TopazHex color:#edc373
RGB:237 195 115
CMYK:0 18 51 7
Pantone:PMS 1355 C