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Mini In The Box: Brand overview

Mini In The Box emerged in 2006 in China and has become known as an e-commerce enterprise with a global reach. The brand’s unique name is due to the fact that from the beginning, it has been distributing small items conveniently packaged in boxes. From advanced electronics to chic fashion accessories and home jewelry, the brand sought to simplify the online shopping process by connecting global consumers with Chinese manufacturers.

Over time, Mini In The Box’s product range expanded and eventually the collection numbered over one million items. Aiming to become a dominant player in the cross-border online shopping arena, the company laid the groundwork for an efficient supply chain backed by a flexible logistics system that ensures prompt delivery of goods worldwide.

Mini In The Box’s priority was to provide a seamless and convenient customer experience and exemplary customer service. The company gained its fame by pioneering a movement that made Chinese goods easily accessible in the global market. The brand now boasts a delivery network that spans over 200 countries, constantly improving the essence of international e-commerce.

Meaning and History

Mini In The Box Logo History

What is Mini In The Box?

Mini In The Box, established in 2006, is a global e-commerce leader offering a wide range of superior products from its headquarters in China – from electronics to home decor, fashion accessories and outdoor gear. This innovative company has created a platform that allows shoppers around the world to shop online effortlessly, making MiniInTheBox a trendsetter in this sector.

2006 – today

Mini In The Box Logo

The online platform representing a wide range of small goods has a colorful logo. It is a graphic-text combination with a clear emphasis on the drawn part. This part is really original: it represents a rainbow barcode, the colors of which are grouped in random order. The vertical lines vary in thickness and come in three types: thin, wide, and medium. Below them, the company name runs along the top element. The first letter of each word in the name is capitalized, and all other letters are lowercase. The glyphs are thin and black.

The rainbow barcode gives the logo a playfulness, like a zebra in a festive outfit. The different thicknesses of the lines give the impression that the zebra has gone a little wild with its stripes. The name under the barcode is in simple, thin black letters so that all attention is drawn to the colorful part.

Mini In The Box color codes

Vivid AuburnHex color:#9e1c1f
RGB:158 28 31
CMYK:0 82 80 38
Pantone:PMS 7626 C
Bright YellowHex color:#f8a720
RGB:248 167 32
CMYK:0 33 87 3
Pantone:PMS 137 C
La Salle GreenHex color:#0a773c
RGB:10 119 60
CMYK:92 0 50 53
Pantone:PMS 348 C
CeruleanHex color:#087da6
RGB:8 125 166
CMYK:95 25 0 35
Pantone:PMS 7704 C
Raisin BlackHex color:#221f1f
RGB:34 31 31
CMYK:0 9 9 87
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C