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The Minnesota Golden Gophers logo conveys the university teams’ confidence in their abilities. The emblem demonstrates dedication to the institution and ensures the long-term presence of athletes in the country’s arenas.

Minnesota Golden Gophers: Brand overview

Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.
The Minnesota Golden Gophers consists of 9 men’s and 12 women’s sports teams from the University of Minnesota, competing in 15 sports, as well as an extensive support team comprised of 4 cheerleading squads and a dance ensemble. The Minnesota Golden Gophers logo is represented in the Big Ten Conference and NCAA.

Meaning and History

Minnesota Golden Gophers Logo History

Initially, U of M students played football, then formed teams for gymnastics, wrestling, tennis, basketball, and cross-country. However, none of them gained as much fame as the hockey team. The women’s hockey team has won the NCAA championship six times, and the men’s team has won it five times. Moreover, the women’s team has reached the national championship and won it seven times.

The modern team logo was introduced in 1986. It fully corresponds to the university’s logo and contains no hints at the team’s mascot animal.

The massive letter “M,” as the initial letter of the state’s name, is painted in the university’s traditional colors. It symbolizes reliability and stability, the achievement of high and consistent sports results, the experience accumulated by generations of coaches, and the guarantee of strengthening positions in the conferences where the teams are represented. It also tells of the many times the teams have participated in high-level competitions. For example, the baseball team has competed 32 times.

What is Minnesota Golden Gophers?

A sports community of the University of Minnesota, consisting of 21 teams, uniting male and female students passionate about physical culture. Represents the university at national-level meetings.

Minnesota Golden Gophers Symbol

The letter’s glyphs also match the smooth and clear pattern on the gopher’s back, which serves as the mascot’s prototype. The thirteen-lined gopher is painted in even alternating brown and yellow stripes, reflected in the lines of the “M” and its gold and maroon outline.

The five large rectangular serifs resemble the five training fields for the teams: Williams, Mariucci, Ridder Arena, Elizabeth Lyle Robbie, and TCF Bank Stadium. The size and large elements turn the letter into an athlete weighted down with additional weight. The serifs also make the composition resemble two schematic players engaged in a battle for the ball.

The official name “Gophers” is the result of a humorous caricature by Minnesota artist Robert O. Sweeny. In the year the state was founded (1858), he depicted the legislators as gophers. As a result, the territory gained the nickname “The Gopher State.” The first University of Minnesota building was also commissioned in 1958, and the institution is inextricably linked with the history of the land on which it stands.

It’s no surprise that the first printed university magazine was called “The Gopher.” Gradually, the name was transferred to the football team (1926). The word “Golden” was added by announcer Halsey Hall, who provided commentary for the matches. The golden-maroon uniforms of the athletes prompted the comparison.

It should be noted that the hockey teams are the only ones among all sports teams to have an individual logo featuring a gopher on skates, leading a puck. The mascot is dressed in sports gear and equipment and holds a hockey stick in its hands. Perhaps the presence of a personal emblem is associated with the great popularity and fame of the teams.

Font and Colors

Minnesota Golden Gophers Emblem

Maroon and gold are noble colors, symbolizing venerable age, elitism, high level of education, and athletic abilities. Red hues represent a passionate involvement in the game and the desire to achieve victories. The gold confirms the receipt of top awards and medals. The “M” font is unique, specially designed for the university, and serves as its trademark.

Minnesota Golden Gophers color codes

Red CosmosHex color:#5a0013
RGB:90 0 19
CMYK:0 100 79 65
Pantone:PMS 1815 C
Selective YellowHex color:#ffb71d
RGB:255 183 29
CMYK:0 28 89 0
Pantone:PMS 137 C