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The Miramax Films logo is majestic and powerful. The emblem demonstrates the company’s ambition to produce bestsellers. It signifies the memorable plots and global fame that the studio’s films have brought.

Miramax Films: Brand overview

Founded:December 19, 1979
Founder:Harvey and Bob Weinstein
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Miramax Films is a major American film studio that has produced over 500 films. It owns four subsidiary companies for the production of TV shows, cartoons, and video cassettes. It belongs to beIN Media Group (51%) and Paramount Global (49%). The filming site is located in California.

Meaning and History

Miramax Films Logo History

The company’s founders always predicted a significant future for it, so the giant black letters of the name became the studio’s calling card for all years. However, after the Weinstein brothers left the project, the overall focus of the logo gradually shifted from film production to distribution. Rebranding took place with the advent of new owners.

What is Miramax Films?

A film company that gave the world Pulp Fiction, Shakespeare in Love, and The English Patient. Founded by the Weinstein brothers in 1979. The headquarters is located in Los Angeles.

1979 – 1987

Miramax Films Logo 1979

The first emblem of the film studio is the most stylish and creative. The large letter M is made from a film reel. It immediately pointed to film production. Initially, the Weinstein brothers made money by buying interesting films from their directors and adapting them for an American audience. This resulted in spectacular feature films. Hence such a large letter made of film in the emblem.

Next to the icon on two levels, the name of the studio – Miramax Films was written. The brothers chose it for the studio by combining the names of their parents: Mira and Max.

1987 – 2008

Miramax Films Logo 1987

By the 1990s, the company had become a leader in independent cinema. Its films brought it over $100 million. They marked the boom with a new logo. The sign began to embody globality and scale.

On top are the large black letters of Miramax. Their thick glyphs demonstrated the rise and development of the company. The symbols are placed very close together to reduce the size of the logo.

The inscription is on a stand made of two lines between which the word Films is written in thin letters, stretching across the entire length of the name. This technique shows that it is precisely because of films that the film studio has grown so much.

2008 – 2010

Miramax Films Logo 2008

In 2008, the logo was slightly adjusted, reducing the width of the stripe and the height of the letters. By this point, the studio’s founders had left it, having founded The Weinstein Company, and the Miramax brand was fully under the control of Disney. The new owners decided to reduce staff by 70% and release only three films a year. Hence the reduction in the size of the emblem.

2010 – today

Miramax Logo

In 2010, Walt Disney sold the unprofitable and unnecessary studio to Filmyard Holdings. The new owners revised the emblem, removing the word Films from it. Because in recent years, the company has played only the role of a distributor. It was decided that under the brand, only films already shot by the studio would be released. However, the large black inscription still spoke of the impressive contribution of the company to world cinema.

Then followed a whole series of sales, and at present, Miramax Films is under the management of Paramount, which intends to give the studio a fresh start.

Font and Colors

The black color is the main color in the logo. It represents the film and the darkness in the cinema during the viewing. It speaks of the monumental and global nature of the company.

The font of the inscription is Retail Price JNL Solid. Straight, smooth glyphs convey the impeccable quality of films and the popular simple and understandable plots. The size of the letters indicates the fame of the studio’s films.

Miramax Films color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C