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The designers have made a militaristic-style emblem for the Modern Warfare series of games. It consists of a massive inscription made in different fonts. The massive design adds dynamics and energy to the Modern Warfare logo to be perceived as an active subject, conveying the right information and creating a military mood in users.

Modern Warfare: Brand overview

Founded:November 5, 2007
Founder:Infinity Ward
United States
The iconic Modern Warfare games form their sub-series within the Call of Duty franchise. These are multiplatform shooters dedicated to the themes of war, terrorism, and special missions. The initial plot develops around the fight against far-right Russian nationalists who organize terrorist attacks, finance coup d’état in other countries, and try to restore the USSR by annexing new territories to Russia.

Meaning and History

Modern Warfare Logo History

The actions of the first three games of the Modern Warfare sub-series are interconnected and take place several years apart. At first, users can play as six characters to prevent Russian ultra-nationalists from coming to power in the Russian Federation. In the second part, you need to perform special operations against the backdrop of the invasion of Russian troops in the United States. The next video game is dedicated to the end of the Third World War.

But the fourth part, released in 2019 under the name Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, has its independent plot. Its history is also connected with armed conflicts. Still, now real events are taken as the basis: the wars in Iraq and Syria and military operations on the territory of the Ukrainian Donbas. The actual organizations and agencies served as prototypes for the factions. The action begins with Russia finding an excuse to attack another country by declaring its intention to fight terrorists. Later it turns out that the military of the Russian Federation is organizing mass executions of local residents. Meanwhile, a CIA agent tries to trace the origin of the gas weapon.

Each Modern Warfare game has its individual logo. These are verbal signs in which the name of a particular part is presented. The font is different everywhere, but you can also notice common features, such as bold glyphs, asymmetry, and lack of serifs. The colors are also different: if the designers used green in the first three cases, then there are only two shades of gray in the fourth emblem.

What is Modern Warfare?

Modern Warfare is a series of games that were created as part of one big Call of Duty franchise. The first of these appeared in 2007, and the fourth came out in 2019. Like all other CoD video games, these are first-person shooters. The publisher of the series is the American company Activision; the main developer is the studio Infinity Ward.


Modern Warfare Logo 2007

In 2007, the fourth part of the Call of Duty series appeared – a military shooter developed by Infinity Ward. It spawned the Modern Warfare sub-series and was initially only available on three platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows. Users could see the video game’s logo even before its official release. It was a visually heavy inscription, divided into two levels and decorated with a gradient.

On the top line was the phrase “CALL OF DUTY 4”. It is noteworthy that the designers made only the words “CALL” and “DUTY” large, and the preposition “OF” located between them was reduced and placed in the center. The quad at the end was similarly raised and slightly reduced. Each glyph had unevenly colored outlines that made the text appear voluminous. The color of the letters and numbers was also heterogeneous: the dark silver top turned into a light gray, almost white middle, and a slight green tint appeared below.

The second line contained the phrase “MODERN WARFARE.” These two words were almost half as long as the previous inscription. The logo’s designers painted each letter in a light green color and surrounded it with a brighter green halo. The title of the sub-series was streaked with thin horizontal lines that looked like static on the screen.


Modern Warfare Logo 2009

In 2009, the first part of Modern Warfare had a sequel – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The two games were connected in the plot, but their logos differed significantly. For the new project, the designers created a wordmark with a different design. The main title of the series has been significantly reduced and moved to the upper left corner. Its font has not changed. The preposition “OF” remained disproportionately small and elevated.

All attention was focused on the inscription “MODERN WARFARE.” This phrase took up much more space than before because the authors of the logo enlarged the letters and widened the distance between them. The typeface, in this case, has not changed either: there remains a geometric grotesque built based on square shapes.

The designers played on the number “2” in an interesting way, positioning it so that it was partially hidden behind the last three letters of the word “WARFARE.” This sign looked non-standard because of the stencil type; the deuce was not solid but consisted of four separate fragments placed at a distance from each other.

Each glyph was white, with thin, light green outlines. Additionally, the inscription was surrounded by blurry gray shadows, concentrated next to the letters. Moreover, the shadows around the phrase “MODERN WARFARE” were streaked with horizontal stripes.


Modern Warfare Logo 2011

In 2011, the sequel to the acclaimed war games, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, was released. Its logo turned out to be more compact than previous versions because the designers did not use the full name of the shooter. They limited themselves to the inscription “CALL OF DUTY” and the monogram “MW,” which was supplemented by the number “3”.

The main title of the series was at the top and consisted of visually massive glyphs with a black gradient. Neighboring “T” and “Y” merged with protruding edges. At the bottom was a combination of three characters: “M,” “W,” and “3”. The developers used a stencil font for the triple, and the letters were connected to make them look like a mirror monogram. At the same time, their common part was divided in half by a diagonal line. The “MW3” lettering was green, with a transition of several shades. It was lined with thin horizontal stripes.


Modern Warfare Logo

The fourth game in the sub-series appeared in 2019. The designers presented its name “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” in the form of a minimalist inscription, which took three terms at once. At the top, according to tradition, the phrase “CALL OF DUTY” was located. It looked the same as the 2011 shooter logo, except that the jumper inside the “A” had a whole piece missing from the left side. Below was the word “MODERN” with an unusual “E” whose middle horizontal stroke was cut at an angle.

The third line was occupied by the word “WARFARE.” It is noteworthy that the first letters “M” and “W” were, in fact, mirror images of each other, and the negative space between them resembled two arrows. Dark gray was used for the title of the series, and light gray for the subseries.

Font and Colors

Modern Warfare Emblem

Modern Warfare has a short version of the logo: a black “MW” monogram. The glyphs look the same, just rotated in different directions. In the middle, they have a common vertical line, divided in two by a short white diagonal. The emblem contains many corners and no rounded elements, which hints at the “militant” nature of the game series.

Modern Warfare Symbol

The words “CALL OF DUTY” are made up of massive bold sans-serif letters. Call Of Ops Duty Regular, released in 2014, can be used to create the same style of lettering. And for the second half of the name, the designers chose a sans serif similar to MicroSquare Bold Extended by FontSite Inc. The logo’s color scheme, which appeared in 2019, is as simple as possible: it combines two shades of gray on a white background.

Modern Warfare color codes

GainsboroHex color:#dad9d7
RGB:218 217 215
CMYK:0 0 1 15
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 1 C
Quick SilverHex color:#a0a0a0
RGB:160 160 160
CMYK:0 0 0 37
Pantone:PMS 422 C