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Moldavian Airlines: Brand overview

Moldavian national airline Moldavian Airlines existed for twenty years – from 1994 to 2014. The airline was established in 1994 as a joint venture between the Moldovan government and the Romanian airline TAROM. Initially, the airline operated under the name “Air Moldova” and began flying from Chisinau to major European cities on leased aircraft.

In 1998, the airline was rebranded, as a result of which it was renamed “Air Moldova International.” The following decade saw the expansion of the airline’s fleet and route network. By the middle of the first decade of the 21st century, the airline was carrying more than 400,000 passengers annually.

The change of ownership took place in 2010 when the Moldovan government decided to privatize the airline. The new owner was the Romanian regional carrier Carpatair, which led to a significant restructuring. The transformed airline began operating as a budget carrier under the name Moldavian Airlines.

However, the rebranding did not solve the carrier’s financial problems. Continued cash losses and declining passenger traffic kept the airline busy. Eventually, in 2014, Moldavian Airlines was forced to cease operations after two decades in the aviation business due to crippling debts.

During its heyday, the national carrier operated a fleet of five aircraft, serving more than 15 destinations. Its collapse illustrates the difficulties faced by small national carriers in Europe’s deregulated aviation sector.

Meaning and History

Moldavian Airlines Logo History

1994 – 2014

Moldavian Airlines Logo

Moldavian Airlines, a private airline, operated for ten years and impressed its customers with a unique logo. This logo combined the name of the airline with the abbreviation “MDV.” The three letters were colored green and arranged individually inside the same green oval ring. The left diagonal of the letter “M” was elongated, but most of it was made up of short horizontal stripes. The inscription “MOLDAVIAN AIRLINES” was made in capital gray letters with bold lettering, which indicates the seriousness and professionalism of the carrier.

The choice of green for the “MDV” lettering and the oval ring signifies growth, safety, or environmental friendliness – qualities that are valued in the aviation industry. The elongated diagonal in the letter “M” and its horizontal stripes bring an element of dynamism to the logo, indicating movement or change. The use of gray in the airline’s name brings neutrality and formality, emphasizing the company’s commitment to reliable service.