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Momo: Brand overview

Momo, an Italian company known as a manufacturer of automotive parts, has its origins in Milan, where it was founded by auto racer Giampiero Moretti in 1964. The company began creating steering wheels and has since grown to produce a wide range of aftermarket automotive accessories.

Momo’s product range is not limited to the iconic leather sports steering wheels that are a favorite among car enthusiasts. The company also offers shift knobs, alloy wheels, pedal kits, racing seats, and other car tuning components. In addition, Momo is expanding its influence in the auto racing industry by sponsoring professional racers and creating its own racing teams.

In 2008, Canada’s Wheels Group absorbed Momo, although the Italian firm continued to operate autonomously. Momo’s distribution is handled by Motorsport Network, a company owned by Zak Brown of McLaren F1.

Momo’s influence is not limited to motorsports-related products. The company has expanded its product line to include outdoor accessories as well. Momo’s main design and manufacturing facility remains close to its birthplace of Milan, Italy.

However, Momo operates in a competitive market where companies such as Sparco, OMP Racing, and Nardi offer similar parts and are constantly fighting for market share.

Meaning and History

Momo Logo History

What is Momo?

For over fifty years, MOMO has epitomized excellence in products such as steering wheels, shift knobs, pedals, racing apparel, and automotive accessories. In 1964, renowned Italian auto racer Gianpiero Moretti decided to make a significant impact on the automotive industry by creating the MOMO brand in Milan, known for its superior components. This journey began when he ordered a custom steering wheel for his race car, not realizing that this venture would turn into a world leader in the automotive industry.

1964 – 2017

Momo Logo 1964

2017 – today

Momo Logo

The Momo name is written in a rectangular font and placed between the two halves of a large yellow arrow. In the context of the automotive industry in which the company operates, the chosen color symbolizes dynamism and activity. The arrow, in turn, is associated with movement, progress, and forward direction. It symbolizes the brand’s focus on advanced technology and design.

The yellow arrow reminds of a fast car rushing along the road, fully tuned and ready for action. The square letters are solid and reliable, like a well-assembled car engine. The Momo logo conveys this atmosphere: “We move fast, but we are also reliable and know what we are doing.”

Momo color codes

Golden YellowHex color:#ffdd02
RGB:255 221 2
CMYK:0 13 99 0
Pantone:PMS 108 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C