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Founded:February 2012
Founder:Roy Mann, Eran Zinman, Eran Kampf
Tel Aviv, Israel
In 2012, Roy Mann, Eran Zinman, and Eran Kampf teamed up to create, a project management platform from Tel Aviv, Israel. The main goal was to create an adaptable working operating system that would fit the dynamics of teams in different industries.

By 2014, this cloud-based platform was officially launched, empowering users to create tools and workflows that fit their specific requirements. Over the next few years, there was a steady growth in the number of users of the platform, driven by the continuous expansion of its functionality.

In 2019, the company received significant funding of $150 million, bringing its valuation to an impressive $1.9 billion. This financial infusion allowed to delve deeper into automation, integration, and a number of other advancements.

In 2021, took a crucial step by going public and beginning to trade on the Nasdaq exchange. This was a major milestone that opened up significant growth opportunities for the company.

The platform is recognized globally and is the key business operating system for more than 152,000 organizations. The flexibility inherent in this platform allows companies to manage projects, collaboration, and operations seamlessly.

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2012 – 2015

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Radical RedHex color:#f62b54
RGB:246 43 84
CMYK:0 83 66 4
Pantone:PMS 1787 C
Tangerine YellowHex color:#fecc01
RGB:254 204 1
CMYK:0 20 100 0
Pantone:PMS 7549 C
UFO GreenHex color:#00ca72
RGB:0 202 114
CMYK:100 0 44 21
Pantone:PMS 3405 C
Dark CharcoalHex color:#333333
RGB:51 51 51
CMYK:0 0 0 80
Pantone:PMS Black C