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The Mortal Kombat franchise is based on a series of video games of the same name, the essence of simulating hand-to-hand combat. The first multiplatform game from this line appeared in 1992. It was created based on a retro arcade game developed specifically for the coin-op and later served as an inspiration for comics, TV series, cartoons, films, and other media products.

Meaning and History

Mortal Kombat Symbol

What is Mortal Kombat?

The Mortal Kombat series of video games in the action-adventure genre and the fighting game became the basis for the franchise of the same name. Numerous films and cartoons have been shot based on it, novels and comics have been written, theatrical performances, and online gambling have been created.

Those who have never played Mortal Kombat have probably seen its logo at least once – the head of a black dragon inside a circle. The original symbol appears in some battle arenas and is used in several MK movies. But dragons themselves are rarely mentioned. These mysterious characters appear before gamers as wild predators from Outworld. They can control different elements, although this is not known for certain because users for the entire game have the opportunity to meet only three representatives of the legendary race.

What does the Mortal Kombat logo mean?

The dragon on the Mortal Kombat emblem represents the Elder Gods. The head of the mythical creature is located inside the circle and divides into two parts, resembling the Yin and Yang signs.

It is also believed that the Elder Gods from Mortal Kombat can transform into dragons when they transform into their true form. Such imagery occurs periodically throughout the video game series. This means that the logo partially overlaps with the plot, although it does not reveal it, leaving room for imagination. The formidable mythical creature is used as the main symbol of MK because of its mysteriousness and because of the qualities that it represents: courage, fury, strength, fighting spirit, and desire to win.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Mortal Kombat Emblem

Who is the blue guy in Mortal Kombat?

Mortal Kombat has many characters dressed in blue suits. The most famous of these is Sub-Zero, the head of the Lin Kuei assassin clan.

Are there dragons in Mortal Kombat?

There are dragons in Mortal Kombat, but very few of them – only three representatives of this race. They are extremely rare.

What is the dragon mark in Mortal Kombat?

The dragon depicted on the Mortal Kombat sign is similar to the Elder Gods in their purest form.

The original graphic sign of Mortal Kombat is made in a red-yellow-black palette. The dragon here looks like a shadow, which indicates its elusiveness. The artists depicted the head on an elongated neck, making the only visible eye transparent. The curved lines give the picture a dynamic feel.

Because of the dragon’s curved neck, the emblem is associated with Taijitu, an ancient Chinese diagram that consists of two interlocking spirals. This divided circle has been popularized in Western culture as a “yin-yang symbol.” It represents a combination of two opposites, harmoniously complementing each other.

However, in the Mortal Kombat logo, the right side of the circle is empty. The black dragon is contrasted with the bright red and yellow space. The designers used such a contrast to make the character visible. And the colors can also symbolize its fiery element, so that a simple white background would be inappropriate.

There are several variations of the logo with additional elements. The main version contains only a dragon without inscriptions, so there is no talk of fonts. The color palette is more varied: the dragon and the edging ring are colored black, and the space inside the circle is colored red and yellow. Moreover, the last two colors are presented in several shades that smoothly flow into one another. The gradient symbolizes fire and passion. By the way, the dragon’s long tongue also looks like a flame, and this coincidence is no coincidence.

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