Museum of West African Art Unveils New Logo and Brand Identity

Museum of West African Art Logo New

The Museum of West African Art (MOWAA) in Nigeria has introduced a new logo and identity designed by Human After All. This redesign better represents the museum’s mission of preserving and showcasing West African cultural heritage while providing a versatile and distinct visual identity.

The previous logo was minimalist and geometric but lacked a unique personality. The new logo keeps the minimalist style but adds expressive gestures reflecting the vibrant nature of West African art. Each letter features exaggerated curves and angles inspired by the museum’s architecture, designed by Adjaye Associates. These elements mirror the museum’s building’s flowing curves and dynamic forms.

Museum of West African Art Logo Evolution

The logo can be used horizontally and vertically, offering flexibility. It can create patterns by repeating the logo top-to-bottom, allowing letters to be removed to make space for text or images. This modular approach provides a dynamic system for different design contexts.

The black and white color scheme contrasts with the colorful and vibrant contemporary art and historical artifacts showcased by MOWAA. This contrast highlights the richness and diversity of West African art while maintaining a clean and modern aesthetic.

Museum of West African Art Logo Old

A key aspect of the new identity is a five-column grid system derived from the logo’s architectural inspiration. This layout allows flexible artwork placement and visuals, creating a harmonious interaction with the logo. The grid system ensures consistency across various applications while allowing creative expression.

The new identity reflects the museum’s commitment to balancing tradition and modernity. West African art is rooted in tradition and history but continually evolves. The new brand and website capture this balance, addressing its historical significance and dynamic growth.

Museum of West African Art Symbol

The rebranding emphasizes the museum’s role in research, cultural initiatives, and expanding opportunities for West African artists, artisans, and researchers. The flexible and distinctive logo supports MOWAA’s evolving mission.