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My Hero Academia Logo

My Hero Academia Logo
My Hero Academia Logo PNG

My Hero Academia is a media franchise based on manga of the same name. It is connected with the story of Izuku Midoriyta, who was unlucky at birth: he had no superpowers, so the boy could not become a hero. But the legendary ลŒrumaito helped him. He awarded Izuku with a unique gift for his bravery and dedication. In addition to comics, the media franchise includes several animated films and a series of video games.

Meaning and History

My Hero Academia Logo History
Evolution of the My Hero Academia Logo

Manga and anime with the same name were created at different times. First came the Japanese comics My Hero Academia. This happened in 2014 when readers of the weekly magazine Weekly Shonen Jump first got to know Izuku Midoriyta. At the moment, there are more than 30 volumes, and the publication of the manga is still ongoing. The debut animated series My Hero Academia was released in 2018, followed by a sequel, a continuation of the original story. Now work is underway on the third part, which is a joint project of several film companies.

The media franchise does not have one common logo – for each product, be it manga or anime, its identity system has been developed.

2014 – present

My Hero Academia Logo 2014-present

In 2014, readers saw the first chapter of a Japanese manga. A little later, its English version appeared. For the American covers, a logo was created with the words “MY HERO ACADEMIA” in bright red. Due to the specific geometry, the text appears to be tilted backward, as if it were in a different plane. The phrase “MY HERO” occupies the top line and is almost twice as large as the word “ACADEMIA,” written at the bottom. Each letter is outlined in yellow and has a wide black halo. Dark shadows are pulled downward, which creates a three-dimensional effect.

2016 – present

My Hero Academia Logo 2016-present

In 2016, Funimation bought the rights to My Hero Academia’s TV series, which was announced back in 2015. The logo contains two-level multi-colored lettering. It is based on Japanese characters – probably the name of the anime in the original language. The symbols are colored in a bright shade of yellow and outlined in black. The phrase “MY HERO ACADEMIA” is inscribed on top inside a red polygon that looks like an arch or boomerang. The letters are white; there are no outlines.

Products related to the media franchise have their logos. They vary in design but have a similar structure because they contain only text (in English or Japanese). The design is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. The designers decided to play on visual perception and, using simple techniques, turned two-dimensional inscriptions into 3D objects. They managed to achieve this with the help of wide black shadows. A certain role was also played by asymmetry – narrowing and different inclination of the letters.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

My Hero Academia Emblem

For the logo of the anime My Hero Academia, an analog of the Futura Display font was chosen. The original was designed by the German typographer Paul Renner. The creators of the wordmark have retained the characteristic shape of all letters except “M.” They made it look like an inverted “W.” The elegant sans serif typeface is the exact opposite of the typeface used in the manga logo. The lettering on English-language covers seems cumbersome due to the large rectangular serifs and many corners. And this applies only to the word “ACADEMIA” because the phrase “MY HERO” is made grotesque.

My Hero Academia Symbol

The manga logo looks very bright: the designers combined red, yellow, and black colors in different proportions. The My Hero Academia anime branding is colorful too, but its shades are more subdued. The basis of the palette is white and yellow. They are used for text. Yellow and black serve as background colors that create contrast.