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The created Myspace logo embodies the love of communication and big companies because it is a social network that brings people together. Friendship, cooperation, mutual assistance, and joint pastime are all embodied in a simple but symbolic emblem.

Myspace: Brand overview

Founded:August 1, 2003
Founder:Chris DeWolfe, Tom Anderson, Jon Hart
United States
The social network Myspace was launched in 2003 by four employees of the eUniverse agency. Colleagues realized how popular this direction was when they registered on the Friendster gaming portal, where fans of computer games could freely meet and communicate with each other. They decided to fill an empty niche and created their social network, calling it MySpace (with a capital “S”). The basis of the user base was made up of eUniverse customers. By the way, this company was the original owner of the Internet project.

Meaning and History

Myspace Logo History

The early years of Myspace proved to be promising. People happily registered on the platform, edited profiles, inserted music and videos into them, and met and corresponded with friends. By 2005, this social network has become the most popular globally. And so, when the web resource reached unprecedented heights, it was bought by News Corporation and eUniverse. The media company didn’t hesitate to turn the place of communication into an entertainment portal, making it a product with a lot of advertising. She completely changed the site’s look because she did several massive redesigns.

At first, everything was fine: Myspace continued to develop and, in 2006, overtook even the most popular Google in terms of the number of unique users from the United States. The turning point came in 2008 when News Corp. decided to turn the social network into a media resource with entertaining content. At that time, many users switched to Facebook, where it was possible to communicate without unnecessary features and annoying ads. Because of this, Myspace’s customer base has decreased by 45% in just one year.

To somehow remedy the situation, the leaders undertook another rebranding, changing the design of the interface and logo. But this did not help them: the modernization of the appearance led to the platform becoming similar to its main competitor – Facebook. An attempt to attract representatives of Generation Z also turned out to be a failure. Therefore, News Corp., in 2011, sold the social network Specific Media Group. After a few more owners, the once-popular website ended up in the hands of Viant Technology LLC.

The rich history of the Myspace brand is reflected in its visual identity, with the design changing quite often. Experimenting with the interface and logos, the social network leaders tried to draw the attention of a global audience to it to return to its former glory.

What is Myspace?

Myspace is once the most popular social network globally, one of the first platforms of its kind. Previously, it was the main competitor of Facebook until it lost to him in terms of the number of users. And all because of the new owner – the company News Corp., which filled the site with advertising and turned it into an entertainment media resource.

2003 – 2004

Myspace Logo 2003

In 2003, employees of the eUniverse agency created a site for communication. Its logo consisted of an icon and a two-line inscription. On the left was a sketchy little man with a light gray circle instead of a head and a body in the form of a yellow semi-oval. He represented the abstract user. The silhouette of the simplest geometric shapes was surrounded by a double-sided arrow, both ends of which were bent and pointed straight at him. The arrow symbolized the circle of communication and the platform’s focus on the interests of people. It was dark gray, as was the text on the right. The top line was the name of the service, written in bold lowercase letters with rounded edges. Below it was the phrase “a place for friends,” for which the designers used an analog of the Arial font.

2004 – 2010

Myspace Logo 2004

In just a couple of years, the Myspace instant messaging platform has become the most popular social network in the world. Together with her, her logo was developed: in 2004, the developers repainted it black and changed the icon. Three appeared at once in place of one human figure, and they were depicted one after the other – from smallest to largest. The silhouettes merged, and the symbolic arrow disappeared. The abstract group of people represented users who meet and communicate on the Internet. She illustrated the long-standing motto “a place for friends.” This phrase has been slightly enlarged and has a clearer font. The style of the word “myspace” has not changed, but the designers have expanded the letter spacing.

2010 – 2012

Myspace Logo 2010

The most notorious logo of the social network was officially adopted in 2010. The company presented it at the Warmgun design conference. However, the upcoming changes became known much earlier – in the summer of 2009. As a result of the redesign, the slogan “a place for friends” was removed, as was the icon of three human figures. This was due to the modification of Myspace: the owners decided to turn the site for communication into a media platform for sharing videos, photos, and music. So any hints of finding new friends have become irrelevant.

The logo remains the same black as before. It contained the brand name, with “my” traditionally written in lower case, followed by a long horizontal line with two short vertical dashes on the sides. Both in form and location, this element resembled a sign for highlighting the stem of a word. According to the concept, anything could be inside it, but in the main version, there was the second part of the social network’s name – “space.” For the design of the inscription, the designers chose the font Helvetica. This sans-serif typeface belongs to the neo-grotesque category.

The underlining strip symbolized a creative space where users could communicate and share interesting content. After all, the redesign was carried out when Myspace was owned by the media company News Corporation, for which the promotion of the entertainment industry was important. The same direction was continued by musician Justin Timberlake and Specific Media Group, who bought the social network in 2011.

2012 – today

Myspace Logo

While Specific Media Group owned the Myspace platform, it returned to the classic logo design. At least in 2012, a version without the underscore space after “my” was introduced. The designers returned the symbol of three little men, but they were depicted not together but with small indents. Now the silhouettes are in one row. The general look of the font has not changed, although the letters have become a bit thinner. Still, the developers modified the lowercase “a” to look like a mirrored “p” with a shortened vertical stroke.

Font and Colors

Myspace Emblem

Although the motto “a place for friends” has disappeared from the logo, the icon in the form of a group of people indicates that the service has tried to return to the social aspect. Its emblem symbolizes like-minded people – those who are interested in the same content. But despite trying to attract new users, Myspace has never been able to catch up with Facebook.

Myspace Symbol

Now the logo’s typography uses an analog of Helvetica with a changed “a.” There are a lot of similar typefaces: Basecoat Regular by Jonathan Ball, Hurme Geometric Sans 3 SemiBold by Hurme Design, Axiforma Semi Bold by Kastelov, Sentic Text Medium by HeadFirst. These are all sans-serif fonts from the neo-grotesque category. The color of the inscription is traditionally black, as are the icons next to it.

Myspace color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C