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The NatWest logo exemplifies harmony and the perfect interaction of all parts of the banking structure. The emblem conveys the idea of ​​progress, aspirations for the future, and modern technical equipment. Bright shades give the composition energy and strength.

NatWest: Brand overview

Founded:18 March 1968
London, United Kingdom
NatWest (National Westminster Bank) is one of the largest banks in the UK and is part of the so-called “Big Four.” It came about through the merger of Westminster Bank, District Bank, and National Provincial Bank. This event took place in 1968. Today, it is a part of NatWest Holdings and has been awarded a high award for the best banking application (in 2017, according to the British Bank Awards). In 2020, there were 960 branches in its structure, which served 7.5 million customers. The bank also has 3,400 ATMs domestically. In Ireland, it operates through its subsidiary, Ulster Bank. And its headquarters are located in London.

Meaning and History

NatWest Logo History

The emergence of NatWest is linked to a legendary history dating back to 1658 when Smith’s Bank was founded in Nottingham. This is his first ancestor because he went a long way in mergers and acquisitions before becoming a modern structure. He has professional experience in many banking institutions – the National Provincial Bank, National Provincial and Union Bank, Westminster Bank, and many others.

A series of transformations lasted until the National Westminster Bank was officially established with its charter and personal identity. The badge with three wide arrows was adopted as an emblem almost in the year of the financial organization’s founding – in 1968, although it began to work actively only in 1970.

A large banking structure has experienced highs associated with profits, expansions, and acquisitions and serious collapses with capital restructuring. 2017, the bank was involved in the Russian KGB money laundering scandal. Due to numerous recessions and surges, he repeatedly changed his identity. Now, there are four emblems in its history.

What is NatWest?

NatWest is the short name for National Westminster Bank. It is a large financial institution in the UK. Its parent company is NatWest Holdings, which in turn is part of NatWest Group plc.

1968 – 2003

NatWest Logo 1968-2003

After completing the legal settlement of the issues surrounding the merger of the three banks into a new organization, she got her icon. The developers focused on merging and created a variant with three wide arrows that follow each other in a circle. They are believed to represent Westminster Bank, District Bank, and National Provincial Bank, which formed NatWest. Simultaneously, the sign has another concept: it symbolizes the endless circulation of the money supply in the financial sector.

The triangular lines are connected to form a negative space with a white spinner or wheel-like watermill in the center. Three blades seem to rake in money, passing it to each other in a circle. On the right side, the bank’s expanded name is written in three lines—”National Westminster Bank.”

2003 – 2014

NatWest Logo 2003-2014

The designers rearranged the main elements and added color. The arrows are red on one side and pink on the other. The lettering is now white, and the background is dark purple. The authors used an abbreviated version of the name—”NatWest” with extended letters.

2014 – 2016

NatWest Logo 2014-2016

In 2014, the bank approved a new logo consisting of three wide red arrows and purple lettering. To do this, the developers transferred the background color to the letters and made the base white.

2016 – today

NatWest Logo 2016-present

The management redesigned the logo to modernize and give it a broad meaning. As a result, the arrows turned out to be volumetric cubes. The 3D format has changed the concept of the sign. Now, he personifies a rich range of complex services and the versatility of each banking structure. At the same time, geometric shapes demonstrate the unity of the financial institutions that formed NatWest. To highlight the sides, the designers used a pink color with a gradient. They left the inscription and placed it under the large icon.

NatWest: Interesting Facts

NatWest, also known as National Westminster Bank, is a big name in UK banking with a history that greatly matters in finance.

  1. Beginnings and Merger: It started in 1968 when the National Provincial Bank (1833) and Westminster Bank (1834) merged, making it one of the world’s biggest banks.
  2. Famous Buildings: NatWest’s main office is at 250 Bishopsgate in London. Its most well-known building is the NatWest Tower (now Tower 42), the tallest in the UK, finished in 1980. It was designed to look like the NatWest logo.
  3. Banking Firsts: NatWest was a leader in introducing ATMs in the 1960s and started offering online banking in the early 2000s.
  4. Global Reach: Though it now mainly serves the UK, NatWest Group once had a big presence abroad, including in the United States, Asia, and Europe.
  5. 2008 Crisis and Recovery: During the 2008 financial crisis, its parent company needed a government bailout. The UK government took an 84% share, effectively owning it for a while. This share has been reduced over time.
  6. New Direction: In 2020, it changed its name from Royal Bank of Scotland Group to NatWest Group, focusing more on the UK and Ireland and simplifying its operations.
  7. Sustainability Goals: NatWest aims to cut the climate impact of its financing in half by 2030 and reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.
  8. Digital Banking Advances: It’s leading in digital banking, with mobile apps, using blockchain for loans, and testing biometric fingerprint credit cards for better security and convenience.
  9. Entrepreneur Support: NatWest helps entrepreneurs and small businesses with resources, coaching, and office space through its NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator hubs.
  10. Promoting Financial Education: It runs school programs to teach kids and adults about managing money and starting businesses, showing its commitment to helping the community learn about finance.

NatWest has shown it can adapt and innovate, playing a big part in supporting the UK’s economy, businesses, and people with their banking needs.

Font and Colors

NatWest Emblem

The evolution of the logo is a series of expansions of the bank’s philosophy. If the wide arrows symbolized the union of three institutions and the circulation of money at first, they have become part of the cubes. In turn, the boxes transmit various banking services “in a single package” and a large-scale increase in the structure. The color scheme also varied – from monochrome to multi-part.

Unlike the graphic part, the logo text did not change. Designers have always used a typeface reminiscent of Overpass Bold—a free, sleek sans serif with a beveled top of the “t” letters. Its creator is Red Hat, Inc.

NatWest Symbol

But the palette was colorful. The debut emblem is black and white. Subsequent ones contain a variety of colors and their spectra: red in four variations (# de3c55, # d00028, # d30311, and # fb001f), purple in three shades (# 231744, # 390752, and # 4a0461), and the pink scale presented in gradient transitions.


What is the NatWest symbol?

The symbol has three interlocking chevrons. This design emerged when the National Provincial Bank, Westminster Bank, and District Bank merged. Each chevron stands for one of these original banks.

The chevrons form a hexagon, symbolizing unity and strength. This design shows how the three banks created a strong, unified brand. Over the years, the brand’s logo has changed slightly, but the three-chevron design has stayed the same.

What are the colors of the NatWest?

The logo colors are purple, pink, teal, and yellow. This palette is designed to look vibrant and optimistic.

Purple stands for creativity and ambition. Pink adds warmth and friendliness, making the brand approachable. Teal gives a modern and fresh look, while yellow brings brightness and energy, symbolizing positivity.

Together, these colors create a dynamic and inviting visual identity. This combination helps the brand stand out and connect with a wide audience, showing its commitment to being forward-thinking and customer-focused.

Who designed the NatWest logo?

FutureBrand designed the new logo and visual identity for the brand. They based the redesign on the original 3D logo. This update keeps the classic three interlocking chevrons, representing the merger of National Provincial Bank, Westminster Bank, and District Bank.

The new design keeps the essence of the old logo but looks modern and fresh. FutureBrand’s goal was to honor the brand’s history while making it relevant today. This redesign helps the brand stay strong and recognizable in the banking industry.

What does the NatWest logo mean?

The logo has three interlocking cubes forming a 3D shape. These cubes represent the union of District Bank, Westminster Bank, and National Provincial Bank, the brand’s main predecessors. This design shows the strong partnership and unity among these banks.

The logo symbolizes the movement of money in the banking system. The interlocking cubes create a sense of flow and motion, showing how money is transferred and managed. This design highlights the brand’s role in facilitating financial transactions and ensuring smooth operations.

The logo captures the brand’s history and role in the financial world, making it a meaningful and recognizable symbol.

Who owns NatWest Group?

The Group is mostly owned by UK Government Investments, which holds slightly more than half of the shares. This government stake occurred after the financial crisis when the UK government supported the banking sector.

Institutional investors, including financial institutions, pension funds, and mutual funds, own many remaining shares and provide professional management and oversight for the brand.

HM Treasury holds non-government-owned shares. While the government has a controlling interest, private ownership still exists. This mix of public and private ownership helps balance the brand’s operations.

What is NatWest’s slogan?

The brand is known for its famous slogans: “To save and invest, talk to NatWest,” “Helpful Banking,” and “Another Way.”

“To save and invest, talk to NatWest” shows the brand’s focus on helping customers manage their money. It highlights the bank’s role in providing advice on saving and investing.

“Helpful Banking” reflects the brand’s commitment to customer service, making banking easier and more supportive for its customers.

“Another Way” suggests that the brand offers innovative solutions and alternatives to traditional banking to improve the customer experience.

What is NatWest retail banking?

NatWest retail banking offers services for individuals, focusing on personal financial needs. These services include checking and savings accounts, providing easy access to funds and interest earnings.

Customers can get personal loans to buy a car or make home improvements. Mortgage services help people buy homes with tailored home loans. The brand offers credit cards for flexible spending and rewards.

Online and mobile banking services let customers manage their accounts, pay bills, transfer money, and monitor their finances from anywhere. Investment and retirement planning services help individuals grow and protect their wealth.

The brand retail banking provides a wide range of financial products and services to meet the needs of individual customers, ensuring convenience, security, and financial growth.