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The NatWest logo is an example of harmony and the perfect interaction of all parts of the banking structure. The emblem conveys the idea of ​​progress, aspirations for the future, and modern technical equipment. Bright shades give the composition energy and strength.

NatWest: Brand overview

Founded:18 March 1968
London, United Kingdom
NatWest (National Westminster Bank) – one of the largest banks in the UK, part of the so-called “Big Four.” It came about through the merger of Westminster Bank, District Bank, and National Provincial Bank. This event took place in 1968. Today it is a part of NatWest Holdings and has been awarded a high award for the best banking application (in 2017, according to the British Bank Awards). In 2020, there were 960 branches in its structure, which served 7.5 million customers. The bank also has 3,400 ATMs domestically. In Ireland, it operates through its subsidiary Ulster Bank. And its headquarters are located in London.

Meaning and History

NatWest Logo History

The emergence of NatWest is linked to a legendary history dating back to 1658 when Smith’s Bank was founded in Nottingham. This is his first ancestor because he went a long way in mergers and acquisitions before becoming a modern structure. He has professional experience in many banking institutions – the National Provincial Bank, National Provincial and Union Bank, Westminster Bank, and many others.

A series of transformations lasted until the National Westminster Bank was officially established with its charter and personal identity. The badge with three wide arrows was adopted as an emblem almost in the year of the financial organization’s founding – in 1968, although it began to work only in 1970 actively.

A large banking structure has experienced highs associated with profits, expansions, and acquisitions and serious collapses with capital restructuring during its existence. In 2017, the bank was involved in the money-laundering scandal of the Russian KGB. Due to numerous recessions and surges, he repeatedly changed the identity. Now there are four emblems in its history.

What is NatWest?

NatWest is the short name for National Westminster Bank. It is a large financial institution in the UK. Its parent company is NatWest Holdings, which in turn is part of NatWest Group plc.

1968 – 2003

NatWest Logo 1968-2003

After completing the legal settlement of the issues of the merger of the three banks into a new organization, she got her icon. The developers focused on merging and created a variant with three wide arrows that follow each other in a circle. They are believed to represent Westminster Bank, District Bank, and National Provincial Bank that formed NatWest. Simultaneously, the sign has another concept: it symbolizes the endless circulation of the money supply in the financial sector.

The triangular lines are connected so that they form a negative space with a white spinner or wheel-like watermills in the center. Three blades seem to rake in money, passing them to each other in a circle. On the right side, the bank’s expanded name is written in three lines – “National Westminster Bank.”

2003 – 2014

NatWest Logo 2003-2014

The designers rearranged the main elements and added color to them. The arrows are red on one side and pink on the other. The lettering is now white, and the background is dark purple. Note that the authors used an abbreviated version of the name – “NatWest” with extended letters.

2014 – 2016

NatWest Logo 2014-2016

In 2014, the bank approved a new logo consisting of three wide red arrows and purple lettering. To do this, the developers transferred the background color to the letters and made the base white.

2016 – today

NatWest Logo 2016-present

To modernize the logo and give it a broad meaning, the management carried out a redesign. As a result, the arrows turned out volumetric cubes. The 3D format has changed the concept of the sign. Now he personifies a rich range of complex services, the versatility of each banking structure. At the same time, geometric shapes demonstrate the unity of the financial institutions that formed NatWest. To highlight the sides, the designers used a pink color with a gradient. They left the inscription as it was and placed it under the large icon.

Font and Colors

NatWest Emblem

The evolution of the logo is a series of expansions of the bank’s philosophy. If the wide arrows symbolized the union of three institutions and the circulation of money at first, they have become part of the cubes. In turn, the boxes transmit various banking services “in a single package” and a large-scale increase in the structure. The color scheme also varied – from monochrome to multi-part.

Unlike the graphic part, the logo text did not change. Designers have always used a typeface reminiscent of Overpass Bold – a free typeface, sleek, sans serif, with a beveled top of the “t” letters. Its creator is Red Hat, Inc.

NatWest Symbol

But the palette was colorful. The debut emblem is black and white. Subsequent ones contain a variety of colors and their spectra: red in four variations (# de3c55, # d00028, # d30311 and # fb001f), purple in three shades (# 231744, # 390752 and # 4a0461). The pink scale is presented in gradient transitions.

NatWest color codes

American PurpleHex color:#401664
RGB:64 22 100
CMYK:36 78 0 61
Pantone:PMS 2617 C
Amaranth RedHex color:#d71c2b
RGB:215 28 43
CMYK:0 87 80 15
Pantone:PMS 185 C
Imperial RedHex color:#ee2033
RGB:238 32 51
CMYK:0 87 79 7
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
American PinkHex color:#f78e99
RGB:247 142 153
CMYK:0 43 38 3
Pantone:PMS 177 C
Light RedHex color:#fbc9cf
RGB:251 201 207
CMYK:0 20 18 2
Pantone:PMS 699 C
Piggy PinkHex color:#fedfe2
RGB:254 223 226
CMYK:0 12 11 0
Pantone:PMS 698 C

What does the NatWest logo mean?

The three cubes that form one volumetric shape symbolize the close union of District Bank, Westminster Bank, and National Provincial Bank. These are the main predecessors of NatWest. It is also believed that the logo represents the movement of money in the banking system.

Who owns NatWest Group?

Slightly more than half of NatWest Group shares are owned by UK Government Investments. Institutional investors and HM Treasury hold Non-government-owned shares.

What is NatWest slogan?

The most famous advertising slogans of National Westminster Bank are “To save and invest, talk to Natwest,” “Helpful Banking,” and “Another Way.”

What is NatWest retail banking?

These are banking services aimed at individuals, not corporations or companies.