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The emblem of the Navy Midshipmen is concise and militarily straightforward, reflecting a unified concept of the department and emphasizing the name. The star, as a smaller element of the modern emblem, supports the team’s commitment to the naval focus of the university.

Navy Midshipmen: Brand overview

Annapolis, Maryland, U.S.
The Navy Midshipmen comprise a sports division of 30 teams, part of the NCAA Division. Located in Annapolis, Maryland, it belongs to the United States Naval Academy, established in October 1845 by Secretary George Bancroft. The university’s first team was the football team, founded in 1879.

Meaning and History

Navy Midshipmen Logo History

The sports division received its emblem in 1917; before this, the university’s general emblem was used. The need for it arose with the expansion of their team roster.

What is Navy Midshipmen?

The Navy Midshipmen consist of 33 teams that are part of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Participation in these teams is mandatory for students to develop physical abilities and maintain good physical condition. The teams compete in NCAA Division I and are members of many sports organizations.

1917 – 1941

Navy Midshipmen Logo 1917-1941

The debut version featured a gold anchor on a black background with the inscription “Navy” at the top. It was classic, not schematic but detailed, with lower side flukes, broad palms, a long shank, a horizontal stock, a shackle, and an eye. The rope was fully coiled around it. The name was the same color as the anchor.

1942 – today

Navy Midshipmen Logo 1942-Present

Gradually, the sports department transitioned to a modern logo format – minimalist and understandable. It reflects the overall concept of the department, hence the focus on the letter “N” with a star on the right side.

Navy Midshipmen Football Logo

Navy Midshipmen Football

The team is part of NCAA Division I FBS. It played its only national championship in 1926, sharing the title with athletes from Stanford and Alabama. It has also won two division competitions. The “Midshipmen” have participated in 23 bowl games to date.

Since 2019, the players have been coached by Ken Niumatalolo. The team plays home games at the Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. The last season in FBS was in 2014.

Navy Midshipmen: Interesting Facts

The Navy Midshipmen represent the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, and they’re pretty special in college sports. They play at the NCAA Division I level but are also trained to be U.S. Navy and Marine Corps officers.

  1. Army-Navy Game: The most famous thing about the Navy Midshipmen is their rivalry with the Army Black Knights. The Army-Navy football game is a big deal, dating back to 1890. It’s about more than just sports; it shows the commitment of these students to their country.
  2. Heisman Trophy Winners: The Naval Academy has had two Heisman Trophy winners, Joe Bellino in 1960 and Roger Staubach in 1963. This shows they’re not just about military training; they’re also good at football.
  3. Lots of Sports: The Navy has over 30 varsity teams in different sports, giving students many ways to compete and grow.
  4. Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium: This football stadium is a tribute to Navy and Marine Corps veterans, with the names of the battles they fought in inscribed on its walls.
  5. Olympians: Many Olympians started at the Naval Academy, showing that they train physically tough and talented athletes.
  6. Women’s Lacrosse: The Navy women’s lacrosse team has become good, even reaching the semifinals of the NCAA tournament in 2017.
  7. Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy: This trophy goes to the winner of the football games among the Navy, Army, and Air Force academies. The Navy has won it many times, proving they’re a force in service academy sports.
  8. Famous Alumni: Besides its Heisman winners, the Navy has produced famous athletes like David Robinson, who became an NBA Hall of Famer, and Keenan Reynolds, a record-setting quarterback.
  9. Leadership Training: Being part of Navy sports means learning to be a leader and working as a team, which is perfect training for their future military careers.
  10. National Championships: The Navy is not just good in football; it has also won national titles in men’s lacrosse and boxing, showing its versatility in sports.

The Navy Midshipmen aren’t just about winning games. They’re about honor, learning to lead, and getting ready for important military roles, all while playing sports at a high level.

Font and Colors

Navy Midshipmen Emblem

The current version includes a capital letter “N” with serifs. However, the lower part of the right leg is truncated and grotesque. The lines composing the letter are wide, straight, and proportionate in height. At the top is a classic five-pointed star. The primary color of the logo is blue.

Navy Midshipmen color codes

Royal BlueHex color:#00205b
RGB:0 32 91
CMYK:100 65 0 64
Pantone:PMS 2758 C
Sonoran SandHex color:#c5b783
RGB:197 183 131
CMYK:0 7 34 23
Pantone:PMS 4525 C