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The Navy Midshipmen logo is concise and understandable in a military way and reflects the united concept of the department, focusing on the name. The star, as a smaller element of the modern emblem, in this concept maintains the team’s commitment to the naval direction of the university.

Navy Midshipmen: Brand overview

Founded: 1917
Annapolis, Maryland, U.S.
Navy Midshipmen is a sports division of 30 teams that are part of the NCAA Division. It is located in Annapolis, Maryland, and belongs to the United States Naval Academy, opened in October 1845 by Secretary George Bancroft. The first team of the university is a football team, founded in 1879.

Meaning and History

Navy Midshipmen Logo History

The sports division received its logo in 1917, and until then used the general university emblem. The need for it arose with the large-scale expansion of the list of its teams.

What is Navy Midshipmen?

Navy Midshipmen is a group of 33 teams belonging to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Participation in these teams is mandatory for students to develop physical abilities and maintain good physical conditions. The teams compete in NCAA Division I and are members of many sports organizations.

1917 – 1941

Navy Midshipmen Logo 1917-1941

The debut version consisted of a gold anchor on a black background with the words “Navy” at the top. It was classic, depicted not schematically, but in detail: with lower side socks, wide paws, a long spindle, a horizontal stem, a bracket, and an eyelet. The rope was completely twisted around him. The title was done in the same color as the anchor.

1942 – today

Navy Midshipmen Logo 1942-Present

Gradually, the sports department adopted a modern logo format – minimalistic and understandable. It reflects the faculty’s general concept, so it focuses on the letter “N” with a star on the right side.

Navy Midshipmen Football Logo

Navy Midshipmen Football

The team is part of the NCAA Division I FBS structure. She played her only national championship in 1926, sharing the championship with athletes from Stanford and Alabama. She also won two division competitions. So far, the Navy Midshipmen have participated in 23 games.

Since 2019, the players have been coached by Ken Niumatalolo. The team will perform at home at the Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. She played the most recent FBS season in 2014.

Font and Colors

Navy Midshipmen Emblem

The current version includes an uppercase “N” with serifs. But the lower part of the right leg is chopped, grotesque. The lines that make up the letter are wide, even, proportional in height. At the top is the classic five-pointed star. The main color of the logo is blue.

Navy Midshipmen color codes

Royal Blue Hex color: #00205b
RGB: 0 32 91
CMYK: 100 65 0 64
Pantone: PMS 2758 C
Sonoran Sand Hex color: #c5b783
RGB: 197 183 131
CMYK: 0 7 34 23
Pantone: PMS 4525 C