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The athletic division of the University of North Carolina uses an emblem featuring the team’s mascot and an abbreviation of the name. The symbolism of the hawk in the NC-Wilmington Seahawks logo reflects power and attentiveness, vigilance and purposefulness, assertiveness, and acumen.

NC-Wilmington Seahawks: Brand overview

Founded: 1977
Wilmington, North Carolina, U.S.
The NC-Wilmington Seahawks are 19 sports teams in Wilmington, North Carolina, sponsored by the University of North Carolina Wilmington. It is part of the Colonial Athletic Association conference and is a member of the NCAA Division I. In total; the division is represented by eight men’s and 11 women’s teams in sports such as basketball, golf, football, swimming, tennis, diving, athletics, and others. Jimmy Bass leads them.

Meaning and History

NC-Wilmington Seahawks Logo History

Over the long history of the sports organization, she had several emblems, but the most famous image appeared on them in 1977. This hawk is powerful, keen-sighted, careless, and attentive.

What is NC-Wilmington Seahawks?

NC Wilmington Seahawks is an athletic department that is part of the University of North Carolina Wilmington. It consists of 19 men’s and women’s teams that participate in the NCAA at the Division I level and are members of the Colonial Athletic Association.

1997 – 1985

NC-Wilmington Seahawks Logo 1977-1985

The first logo depicted a feathered predator at the time of flight. Its wings are spread wide, and its paws with sharp claws are brought together as if it is about to capture the prey it has discovered. The white hawk had a green edging with reinforcement on the tail and left-wing. The rest of the lines are thin, clearly depicting a real bird.

1986 – 1991

NC-Wilmington Seahawks Logo 1986-1991

In 1986, a cartoon image appeared on the emblem. The predator is drawn in full growth on humanoid legs with a characteristic ring-shaped structure in the lower part. Instead of claws, it has three round processes. There is a cabin boy hat on the head, and a T-shirt with a horizontal inscription “UNCW” flaunts on the sturdy torso. The anthropomorphic character, painted in a poisonous green, is depicted with tightly clenched fists and clenched teeth. The eyebrows are menacingly drawn, and the black eyes gaze forward.

1992 – 2014

NC-Wilmington Seahawks Logo 1992-2014

During this period, an abstract hawk was used on the emblem of the sports association. The bird is in profile and looks to the left. The beak is sharp, hook-shaped. The eye is on a dark horizontal line. The upper part of the head is cut off, and the abbreviation for the name of the department is located at the bottom, underlined by a wide line with beveled edges. Beige and blue have been added to the traditional green.

2015 – today

NC-Wilmington Seahawks Logo 2015-Present

The current logo, updated in 2015, features a full-face hawk. It has a formidable, intimidating appearance due to the triangle formed due to the wide neck plumage and narrow, sharp beak. Three raised feathers are drawn on the back of the neck. The eyes are semicircular as if narrowed in a gaze. There is a white curly mark on the forehead, almost repeating the outlines of the yellow beak.

At the bottom is the word “UNCW” in chopped square letters. Even below is the inscription “Seahawks.” It is smaller, with upper case letters and separated by two arched lines.

Font and Colors

NC-Wilmington Seahawks Emblem

The branding of the sports association NC-Wilmington Seahawks at all times contained the basic image – a hawk. The bird is beaten in different locations and numerous styles, but everywhere its predatory nature is emphasized – impetuous, aggressive, grasping, assertive. The color scheme, consisting of various shades of green, yellow (sandy and golden), white, and blue, is also unchanged.

NC-Wilmington Seahawks color codes

Dark Midnight Blue Hex color: #003366
RGB: 0 51 102
CMYK: 100 50 0 60
Pantone: PMS 294 C
Caribbean Current Hex color: #006666
RGB: 0 102 102
CMYK: 100 0 0 60
Pantone: PMS 329 C
Gold Hex color: #ffd600
RGB: 255 214 0
CMYK: 0 16 100 0
Pantone: PMS 109 C