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Like a glowing sign above the cinema, the Neon logo invites viewers to visit the institution and watch an interesting modern film. The emblem is a tribute to progress and the development of the film industry. Indicates the studio’s innovative approach to filmmaking and choice of topics.

Neon: Brand overview

Founder:Tom Quinn, and Tim League
United States
Neon is a young US film production and distribution company. It was formed in January 2017. Its founders are Tom Quinn (left 2019) and Tim League (producer, entrepreneur, and creator of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema). The studio is part of The Friedkin Group and has already presented several sensational films. Among them are “Parasite,” “Three Identical Strangers,” “I, Tonya,” “Ingrid Goes West,” and others. As of 2020, she has twelve Oscar nominations and is the first film in a non-English language to win the highest film award.

Meaning and History

Neon Logo History

At the fourth meeting of the Annual Zurich Summit, producer Tom Quinn announced that he would be able to produce films that appeal to young audiences under forty-five who have no aversion to violence, non-fiction, and foreign language. A kind of bet ended with the appearance of Neon, which became a partner of Blumhouse Productions in the fall of 2017 in the creation and management of BH Tilt.

The successful activity led to the fact that two years after the emergence of the new film studio, its controlling stake was bought by 30West, the media venture arm of the world-famous The Friedkin Group. Its owner is a businessman to the marrow of his bones, so he would not invest in a hopeless project, and in Neon, he sensed a considerable prospect.

The young organization has been actively developing and, in 2021, launched a joint project, Decal with Bleecker Street, to promote and distribute home entertainment. Although two firms own it, they are independent of them, simply focusing on distributing entertainment content rights from Bleecker Street and Neon.

The identity of the young film company appeared immediately in the year of its opening. It reflects the specifics of the name: the logo looks like hollow neon tubes, ready to light up and shine with the originally intended light. That is, his aura (style, opinion, and perception by the audience) depends on the films presented for hire. Therefore, the logo shows only a minimalist combination of “lamp” letters in neutral white.

Neon Symbol

The studio chose a simple and monochrome visual identity mark for its presentation to a wide audience. Although it is made only in text format, paradoxically, it contains graphic details. That is, it is, in fact, a harmonious symbiosis of drawn and verbal elements. The role of icons (four at once) is performed by letters.

Printed signs look like figuratively twisted neon lamps, ready to light up with the light they are functionally tuned to. That is, “glass tubes” convey the aura of the films offered to the audience. And this young company already has a lot of films, moreover, nominated for the highest film award. In 2018, her film “I, Tonya” received three nominations and one win for Best Supporting Actress. The following year, “Border” was awarded the Best Hair and Makeup Award. But the most Oscar-winning year for Neon was 2020: then “Parasite” and “Honeyland” were nominated for eight positions. And one of the films was recognized as the best.

The inscription on the emblem is concise, typed in upper case. The symbols are large and wide, consisting of two lines – inner and outer. One forms a kind of the core, and the second form the contours of the letters. Such an allegory conveys the essence of the film company’s professional position: to do what has been started, not to deviate from what was planned, to implement clear plans, and to present integral works with an inner core.

The letters are carved into hollow tubes and look like they’re about to burst into inviting neon light. Each line that forms the signs has a beginning and an end that are not connected to each other. Moreover, there are no sharp corners – all joints and transitions are rounded.

Font and Colors

Neon Emblem

The creators chose a magical font for their emblem with a double riddle. The fact is that the inner lines – thin and inexpressive – actually form the inscription, but they are surrounded by additional stripes that form large and catchy letters. There is a wide hollow space between the outer and inner strokes.

The color scheme also has its mystery because the neon light is very bright. But it only happens like this at night, while such an inscription looks white for the rest of the period.

Neon color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C