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The city where the American Revolution began gave its name to the New England Patriots football club. The New England Patriots logo and the name became a reflection of respect for the historical past of the region, a patriotic emblem that reflects the team’s spirit.

New England Patriots: Brand overview

Founded: November 16, 1959
Founder: Billy Sullivan
Foxborough, Massachusetts, U.S.

New England Patriots is a professional football club in the USA. The team joined AFL in the 60s and NFL in 1970 (after uniting American Football League and National Football League). The group is a member of the Eastern Division. It is located in Boston, State of Massachusetts. The club was created in 1959.

Despite the actual time of creation, the official year of the franchise foundation is 1960 when it began playing in the debut season. Besides that, it has two names: the first one is Boston Patriots ( the team got it at the beginning of its sports career), the second one is the current one (received after moving to another town).

The team name was chosen on a competitive basis. The event was organized in 1960 by Boston managing group. The name Patriots won. Seventy-four fans proposed it. This name was chosen due to the region heritage as the place of beginning of the American Revolution. After the rebranding, the name was not changed; only the new location was added.

Billy Sullivan was the first owner of the club. He had owned it before 1987 until he sold it to Victor Kiam. In turn, the latter transferred it to James Orthwein for a tidy penny. He had been managing it for two years only. In 1994 the franchise was bought by Robert Kraft for $172 mln. This beat the record as not a single team at that time had been estimated so high.

Meaning and History

New England Patriots Logo History

A dark blue cocked hat with a white setting was the first logo. Then it was replaced with Pat Patriot, which became the team mascot. He wore that very cocked hat. But in time, the cartoon image was replaced with Flying Elvis’s stern face. It was easier to adapt it to modern ads due to compactness. The color scheme of the New England Patriots logo was not changed: it was still a combination of blue, white, and red with various hues.

What is New England Patriots?

The New England Patriots are a team from the National Football League that broke several records. Her achievements include:
• The largest postseason win rates.
• The most successful seasons in a row.
• The longest playoff win streak.
• Six Super Bowl championships.
The franchise was created in 1959 under the name Boston Patriots.

1960 – 1971

Boston Patriots Logo 1961-1971

Boston Patriots had owned its Patriots logo with the traditional cocked hat for a year at the beginning of its sports career. It was a simplified version of the so-called patriot – participant of the American Revolution. Having seen complicated logos of other teams, at first, the managers decided to use a minimalistic logo. They’ve used only some parts of the soldier’s ammunition. The attribute was drawn face forward in full black correctly enriched with white.

This version was drawn by Phil Bissell, a satirical draughtsman at Boston Globe. He brought the Patriots logo in 45 minutes only and earned $100. Sports editor Jerry Nason ordered it. Billy Sullivan (the club owner) planned to use it for home use only, but later the logo became widely popular. The logo represented a revolutionary in a uniform in an athletic stance who grabs a ball. The image was drawn in a cartoon manner and named Pat Patriot. This version had a red cocked hat.

1972 – 1988

New England Patriots Logo 1972-1988

After changing the location and name, the franchise did not change its logo but updated it only. The new New England Patriots logo, the central character, remained the same, but the design was made more realistic. The animated touches were removed; instead, all elements were made more precise. Pat Patriot became more solemn, his skin – rosier and his grin – sincerer. The combatant was still drawn in full gear and stood in an attacking position, grabbing a ball from the ground. The ball was made entirely brown.

1989 – 1992

New England Patriots Logo 1989-1992

During this period, the logo represented the team mascot (Patriot Pat) wearing an outfit of the Revolution Age, cocked hat, and full military gear. The only difference from the previous logo was the skin color of the main character – it was made white. As for the rest, everything was the same as in the last version.

1993 – 1999

New England Patriots Logo 1993-1999

In 1993 the focus was made on the easiness of adapting the New England Patriots logo for advertising on various media. As it was difficult to reproduce the favorite image, it was decided to update it. Only Patriot Pat’s head in a stylish revolutionary cocked hat was left. It was an excellent fit for a banner format. The grey face in profile was enriched with a blue-and-white hat that blended into a waving banner. A star was shining on the head of the main character.

2000 – today

New England Patriots Logo 2000-Present

In a quarter of a century, the New England Patriots logo needed to be revised for modern adaptation. So the logo named Flying Elvis was changed a bit – the blue hue was slightly darkened. The rest of the colors has not been changed, so as the design: Patriots logo is still a mirror reflection of the original.

Font and Colors

New England Patriots emblem

The current New England Patriots club emblem depicts the Flying Elvis. This version has been adapted for promotional materials so that it looks good digitally or in print. The artists painted the head of a man in a blue cocked hat. There is a white star in front, behind – two red wavy stripes that extend from the headdress and create the effect of movement. Facial features are not detailed: broad, rough lines are used for the mouth, nose, and eyes.

This look is taken from three previous New England Patriots logos. They depict the team’s mascot, the so-called Pat Patriot. He was drawn full-length to show that he was playing American football. The author of the original version is the cartoonist Phil Bissell.

New England Patriots symbol

Subsequently, the original design was redesigned and then completely abandoned, taking as a basis the head, which is now known as the Flying Elvis. This emblem symbolizes the sports team’s patriotic spirit, as evidenced by the white five-pointed star – one of the main elements of the American flag. And the drawn person is not a random image, but the very revolutionary who is mentioned in the name of the club.

The lettering does not appear on any of the old and new New England Patriots logos. Instead of working on typefaces, the designers focused on the graphics. Thanks to this, Pat Patriot looks stylish and modern, largely due to the competent selection of colors. The face and main part of the cocked hat are dark blues; the star is traditionally white, the two wavy lines behind are red. The presented combination matches the US flag’s palette, which once again confirms the patriotic title of the football team.

New England Patriots color codes

Blue Hex color: #002244
RGB: 0 21 50
CMYK: 100 65 0 60
Pantone: PMS 289 C
Red Hex color: #c60c30
RGB: 213 10 10
CMYK: 10 100 100 0
Pantone: PMS 186 C
Silver Hex color: #b0b7bc
RGB: 176 183 188
CMYK: 3 0 0 32
Pantone: PMS 429 C

What is the Patriots logo supposed to be?

The logo, Flying Elvis, features a character’s head that is stylized as a warrior from the Revolutionary War. He wears a blue hat with a white five-pointed star and two fluttering red lines that resemble the edge of a flag or tongues of fire. The face is not detailed and is painted using two colors: dark blue and light gray.

Who is the New England Patriots mascot?

The mascot of the New England Patriots was and remained the Pat Patriot, a soldier of the American Revolution. He wears formal team clothes and a cocked hat. Previously, it was depicted on the football club logo, but due to a large number of details, this design had to be abandoned. The Pat Patriot has been a living mascot since the early 1990s.

When did New England Patriots change the logo?

The New England Patriots introduced their current logo in 2000. They slightly revised the previous version, created in 1993.

Who created New England Patriots logo?

The original version of Flying Elvis, introduced in the early 1990s, was authored by Steven Evenson (designer) and Ken Loh (trainee).