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Teams under the emblem of the Wildcat defend New Hampshire’s sporting interests. The New Hampshire Wildcats logo signifies cunning, the ability to “read” an opponent’s tactics, attention and concentration, strength, and ferocity, characteristic of the organization’s athletes.

New Hampshire Wildcats: Brand overview

Durham, New Hampshire, U.S.
The New Hampshire Wildcats are an intercollegiate team representing the University of New Hampshire. Like the university itself, they are located in Durham, New Hampshire, USA. The sports department participates in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (Division I). Its members are part of many conferences, including the America East Conference, Hockey East, Colonial Athletic Association, East Atlantic Gymnastics League, and Eastern Intercollegiate Ski Association. The university sports association comprises 19 teams, including hockey, soccer, gymnastics, track and field, basketball, etc. Marty Scarano heads the department.

Meaning and History

New Hampshire Wildcats Logo History

Although the sports program began in 1866, the image of a cat on the organization’s logo first appeared in 1926. Following a vote, Wildcat became the college’s official nickname. Students chose it from options like “Durham Bulls,” “Eagle,” “Husky,” and “Unicorn.” They decided a name associated with a wild cat – small and aggressive, like New Hampshire itself – would be more harmonious for the teams.

Eventually, the emblem depicted its head, with a two-tier inscription below. The upper line reads the university’s abbreviated name, “UNH,” and the lower line the sports team’s nickname, “Wildcat.” The first word is written in a large font, the second in a smaller one. All letters are uppercase.

What is New Hampshire Wildcats?

The New Hampshire Wildcats are a sports department formed to participate in intercollegiate competitions on behalf of the University of New Hampshire. It includes 19 student teams that are part of the America East Conference and compete in the NCAA (Division I). Some teams are members of other associations: Skiers in EISA, gymnasts in EAGL, hockey players in Hockey East, and football players in CAA. Their primary location is Durham.

Font and Colors

New Hampshire Wildcats Emblem

The current version of the logo was approved in 2000. It features a wild cat’s head in profile. The animal’s ears are pressed back, its mouth open, tongue curved, and eyebrows furrowed. The entire look of the beast indicates it is growling and ready to attack an enemy at any moment. The inscription is shaded, giving it a three-dimensional appearance.

The graphic and textual parts are executed in a unified palette of blue, white, and gray. These colors symbolize the teams and their relation to the surrounding landmarks. The deep blue Pantone 287 represents the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and white represents the White Mountains.

New Hampshire Wildcats color codes

Maastricht BlueHex color:#041e42
RGB:4 30 66
CMYK:94 55 0 74
Pantone:PMS 2768 C
Medium GrayHex color:#bbbcbc
RGB:187 188 188
CMYK:1 0 0 26
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 4 C