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New York Mets Logo

New York Mets Logo
New York Mets Logo PNG

New York Mets is an American professional baseball club. It is included in MLB, being a member of the East Division NL. The team was founded in 1961/1962 and is located in New York.

The team’s appearance was the relocation of two MLB teams, which negatively affected the image of the city. As a result, one of the first expansion franchises was formed, replacing the clubs that left New York after the 1957 season.

The first owner of the team is Joan Whitney Payson. The franchise belonged to her until 1975 and then transferred to Charles Shipman Payson. In the 1980s, it was acquired by Doubleday & Co, and then by Nelson Doubleday Jr. and Fred Wilpon. Since 2002, Wilpon has disposed of it alone.

The name of the club is given in honor of the New York Metropolitans. Its founders asked the public to choose a suitable name, resulting in 2,563 postal messages and 9,613 proposals. There were ten versions, among which were Mets โ€“ an abbreviated form from the English “metro.”

Meaning and History

New York Mets Logo History
Evolution of the New York Mets Logo

What is New York Mets?

It is a baseball club based in New York’s largest neighborhood, Queens. It was created in 1962 because the city was left without a National League franchise after the departure of the New York Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers. The team has been owned by billionaire Steven A. Cohen since 2020 and has held its home competition at Citi Field since 2009.

George Weiss has announced a logo idea competition in the media for advertising purposes. A lot of people responded. The franchise owner chose the option he liked best. Ray Gatto, a famous cartoonist, wrote it. Using his idea, he added his own and asked Lon Keller, artist for Spencer Marketing Services, to refine the concept. The final logo appeared in 1962 and has remained practically unchanged since then: there were only three minor modifications.

In the logo itself, every building and element has value. Left – church spire, the symbolism of Brooklyn and the area of โ€‹โ€‹churches; the second building from the left is Williamsburg Savings Bank, the tallest building in Brooklyn; nearby is the Woolworth building; in the far right corner is the UN building.

1962 – 1992

New York Mets Logo 1962-1992

The first logo, which eventually became the prototype for all subsequent ones, shows a white with an orange outline baseball, inside which is a view of Brooklyn. As mentioned earlier, each of the buildings is really in that order and corresponds to real structures. A white bridge is visible in the foreground. In the lower-left corner, you can see two small orange letters, “NY,” and in the very center, the word “Mets” in orange.

1993 – 1998

New York Mets Logo1993-1998

The second logo of the team has undergone minor updates in color. Orange has become darker and more saturated, as well as blue.

1999 – present

New York Mets Logo 1999-Present

The symbols of the club, starting with the debut, have the outlines of iconic architectural objects and key skyscrapers of New York. The Spiers of the churches, Williamsburgh Savings Bank, the buildings of the United Nations, Woolworth, Empire State is recognizable in blue shades. Against the background of stylized outlines, the famous bridge is visible. It conveys the idea of uniting all corners of the city and is a symbol of a secure connection between them.

Over the white bridge, on the dark blue figures of the essential skyscrapers from 5 districts of New York, the inscription “Mets” is displayed. The word is presented in the form of calligraphic handwriting. The interlacing of the letters “NY,” which was on the left, was deleted. The bridge spans became wider. The shape of the baseball is preserved, as are two characteristic lines passing through it. A border surrounds the outer edge of the logo. The brand colors of the team remained the same โ€“ a combination of white, blue Dodgers, and orange Giants.

Font and Color of the Emblem

New York Mets Emblem

In more than 60 years of history, the New York Mets have never changed its logo. He was proud of him because it reflects the spirit of New York in the form of legendary architectural landmarks. The adjustments concerned such small details that it is almost invisible.

The emblem features a background baseball with two distinctive herringbone stitching and a skyline of towering skyscrapers. These are the key buildings in New York. They speak of its greatness and underline the great importance of the sports team for all city representatives. At the request of George Weiss and the suggestion of Ray Gotto, the logo was designed by Lon Keller of Spencer Marketing Services.

He used the most important objects of New York districts and depicted a bridge against their background, which, by design, unites all values โ€‹โ€‹into a single whole. He placed the word “Mets” with a white border at the top – the name of a baseball club. It is a symbol of the city’s unity.

New York Mets Symbol

Until 1993, there were two types of typefaces in the logo – for the first word in the name and the second. The abbreviation “NY,” derived from “New York,” was on the left and was written in a serif typeface – grotesque, sans serif. The word “Mets,” which is still present in the emblem, is a coherent handwritten text. It is executed in rounded letters.

The team’s signature palette consists of blue, orange, and white. Each of them is used in the logo: buildings are painted in blue, the edges of the circle, tracks on a baseball ball, and the word are painted in orange, and the general background, bridge, and edging are white.