Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop – a new brand in the original style

Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop Logo

A new line of canned soda drinks from the global brand Pepsi is already available for hobbyists. Presented in a nostalgic design, the drink allows you to enjoy a cocktail of two types – Cream Soda and Black Cherry in any convenient place, including at home. Now you do not need to visit drinking establishments to order your favorite cocktail in the preparation of the bartender. Your favorite taste is now always available in a complex and unique flavor combination. Flavored with real sugar and not artificial substitutes, the drink acquires all the subtleties of true taste that were not revealed when using sweeteners.

Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop New Logo

The packaging design by PepsiCo Design + Innovation has been developed to combine two styles – retro and modern. The two-color nature of the cans also emphasizes this moment. The upper part is made in a pure white background, on which the modern brand logo is applied. The lower half is in a soft orange shade for Cream Soda or deep red for Black Cherry. The border between the colors is created by the retro-inscription Pepsi-Cola, “carried over” from the container of the drink from the forties of the last century. At that time, the text was already executed without bends, in an even outline of words. The word Drink was removed from the logo, and the lower wavy element began to end before reaching the letter “P.” Unlike the original of that time, the inscription of the brand name is made in blue – one of the company’s symbolic colors that have already become in the 50s.

Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop Emblem

Considering that periodic rebranding is one of the constant characteristics of the company, the option for a new drink has combined several main features of the brand that have been formed throughout its existence. These elements, preserved in the memory of several generations of lovers of these products, will provide recognition based on nostalgic memories. Therefore, such a visual solution is aimed not only to connect one’s past and future but also to draw attention to the novelty of even admirers of the company’s classic types of products.

In addition, according to the established tradition, the new product will be promoted against the background of Doja Cat’s performance of a cover of the classic Grease – You’re the One That I Want. Everyone can get acquainted with this musical support now. The drink itself went into retail on September 20. It is available in 20-ounce bottles and 12-ounce cans.